Boring people can make boring and spoiled game

Hi. I have encountered (a lot time in Eve) with situation, when on location (when people make pve, mining etc) appear Enemy, and just exist on Local and don’t do anythings by severa hours. Some time this is Alts with several years history, some time - several week history)) When i tried clarify situation, i recognise, what this people use CloackingDevice. And also, what interesting, in Eve no ANY device for possibility catch those people. Exist some divice (Observatory) but first - it can’t give 100% possibility (only 20-30% some like this). Second - Observatory can use only for AFK (when player a far away from PC). Third - it cost more thien 70mln!!! So - full useless device - and as i know - in Eve almost nobody don’t use it!!! And SO!!! What we have!!! We have situation, when boring and dirty playe want spoil game - he CAN DO IT to infinity!!! (espetially if he can do Script as people gusess or just use scripts…) so the only way to avoid this now is Change Location or Leave Game!! ALL THIS RIGHT? or not?)) why the same Observatory can’t 100% after (as example 15 min) find colacking ships? Boring player make boring game. CCP want do boring game?? Just interesting - why this situation exsist? For possibility Eve can became famous as wery boring game ?))

If they’re AFK, they can’t hurt you.

Cloaky camping has been around for a long time.

CCP has given you the tools required to rid yourself of a cloaky camper. If you choose not to use it, that’s on you.


If they are in system, you can bait them. You can’t afk mine or rat? Why should you? It’s boring. You ahve all the tools available to make your and their game interesting. If you don’t want to use them, shame on you and tough luck.


Was a hard read and I found only one point to agree with: Mobile Observatories are too expensive when combined with the fact that you can’t scoop them back and the fact that any decloaked ship can instantly recloak again. There is probably a reason why almost no one uses them right now and they should be re-designed to allow a more active counterplay to long-time cloaking. If one side needs to be attentive and on their toes all the time because the cloaker might hit suddenly, that should be true for the other side as well.


sorry, if possible - What tools (in more detail point by point if possible))))?

absolutely right, exept all other, also (my opinion, maybe wrong), if some one want be in Cloak a Long time (we will guess what he SadoMazo and he like hours don’t do anythings adn just press the Button without use Script))))!! so in this case maybe need make additional payment for that possibiliti. As example some Boosters or some thing like this. In other case CloackShips after as example 15 minutes should be 100% finded by use Observatory. Also would be cool make Observatory possible to return in Cargo (as TractorUnit)…

Nah. Cloaks are way too useful for me to endorse a change like this.

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We used to not even have the observatories…

Let me give you some help though. People need to sleep, people sometimes do things beside Eve. Go to zkillboard and check the activity of your cloaky friend. You can generally figure out their online times seeing when they helped snag something.

If you’re playing outside their active time, you’re probably safe.

You can too!

of course ALL can… and what we can get as result that Activitie… this is will interesting and dinamic game, or Sleep Boring Game?) Eve apriori this is fighting game (exept other things). very cool and Interesting, but some functionality, like this, maybe not really suitable for common Game conception… as example you can imagine ContreStrike (classic fighting game) where fighter wiil all time hide and watch each other withot fighting)))))) just funny) if Game boring - people go out usually - all simple…

I’m not sure how someone’s else boring playstyle impacts yours.
I mean, I think that mining is boring. Plenty of players do mine ( including me once in a while). Does their boring day affect mine if I spend my day doing exciting things like Exploration or Nullsec roams?
If someone wants to be cloaked in space all day, it has no impact on my play.

EVE isn’t a common game. You can’t compare it with other games’ design. It has survived 20 years because it isn’t like the other games.

Unless they’re snipers :wink:

Yes. If the game is boring players leave. Except that EVE isn’t boring. Only some players choose to do what you or I consider boring but they themselves don’t consider their playstyle boring or they wouldn’t do it.

You don’t like that players can be cloaked for long periods of time… I don’t like looking at the garbage some people put in Local… Ultimately, it’s our problem. Players are free to do whatever they want in this sanbox within the rules set by CCP and I like that about EVE.

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