[BOSAC] Auviken VI - Bosena Accords Operational Overview Press Release

Bosena Acords Warbage Conversion Susano’o – in orbit around Auviken VI

Multiple engagement ‘burnzones’ have been established around an archipelago on the planet surface in response to appearances of “Vanguard” type warclones. Bosena Accords personel have been encouraged to deploy to oppose Vangaurd operations on the surface and to take available public contracts from various handlers for Law Enforcement agencies in the cluster.

This warbarge conversion has been loaded with the capacity to provide precision orbital support, deploy QRF and SAR assets to respond to civilian casualties and provide cover to members of the press that are on the surface, some of which have been rumored to be in the burn zones itself. And have been responding to support requests as feasible.

Continued operational support for Accorded entities will be provided as long as the ship can remain on station, and we are actively working on communicating and attempting to coordinate with Spacelane Patrol officials in order to better facilitate legal security responses in a timely manner.

We will be remaining on station with supplies and materiel to support recovery and rebuilding from burnzones, including providing EOD specialized support. Accorded entities are advised to stand down militarized responses to surface support requests in compliance with local regulation.