[BosAc] Press Release - Bosena Accords and Electus Matari reach agreement on Skarkon II Evacuation

Bosena Accords and Electus Matari reach agreement on Skarkon II Evacuation
YCC 122 DEC 16, Gulormola, Skarkon II

• Docking and Tether Access will be granted to Electus Matari forces at the low orbital Warclone Dockyard
• Docking and Tether Access will be granted for Bosena Accords forces at the Invaders Must Die citadel
• The Camlann Air Corridor will be kept free of military craft and used exclusively for evacuation.

Following months of tensions between the two organizations following the Triglavian invasion and subsequent events in the occupied system, diplomatic contacts within both organizations have arrived on an agreement to evacuate the local populace more safely and quickly.

This deal comes after the Skarkon Structure Mutual Non-Invasion Pact between the owners of multiple structures in the Skarkon System, including the two parties, and now gives much quicker access to defensive umbrellas offered by Upwell Structures to Evacuation Flights done by the SoE Roughriders and their affiliated Organizations [Of Note: The Sisters of Eve themselves have always been welcome aboard the dockyard], while ensuring those refugees evacuated by The Bosena Accords will have access to additional living structures and alternate flights out-system.

Elysian Steward Thaddeus Reynolds state. “[o]ur goal, as it ever has been here [Skarkon II], is the safety and well-being of the mortal populace of Skarkon II.” He went on to assert “…the decision to close docking access off there [Warclone Dockyard] was a reactionary military decision made quickly, and upon further review The Round Table has largely agreed the [docking] restriction was too extreme a response.”

Ranking members of the Round Table have stated that the effects of ballistic missile bombardment striking near population centers and a wish to speed up evacuations of such were a major factor in swaying opinions that were previously opposed to such a measure

Warden Galm Eskola-Fae was quoted as saying “…strikes from the RSS flotilla on warclone positions in immediate proximity to high-density population centers and refugee camps under our ward have posed a completely unnecessary risk to civilians.”

Further statements from the session indicated the Accords Council is hopeful that this will lead to a path forward and a de-escalation of tensions between the Warclone Organization and forces loyal to the Minmatar Republic, and that a sharing of resources will facilitate faster evacuation efforts both offworld and out-system.

SoE Roughriders, who negotiated this deal for EM, has not put out an official statement on it. Contacted, CEO Elsebeth Rhiannon confirmed its existence and stated, “This costs us nothing and poses minimal additional risk. It has always been the SoERR refugee base policy that while we screen everyone entering our services for overt and covert weaponry, we ask no questions and do not turn anyone away based on the circumstances they come from. Meanwhile, people in warclone controlled areas and close-by gain an additional point of egress, which have been in desperately short supply. I personally entertain the hope that this example will also help every human remaining on the planet to point their guns first at Svarog and de-escalate conflicts that predate Liminality.”

Additional measures to coordinate the Stations’ Traffic Control Crews to better integrate out-system evacuation flights are still in the works, but both organizations remain hopeful that this will help the Civilians still trapped in the occupied system reach safety in a more timely and safer manner.

Update YCC 122 DEC 27

Representatives of both The Bosena Accords and SoE Rough Riders confirm that the Invaders Must Die Citadel and the low Orbit Warclone Dockyard have been mutually opened and evacuation traffic has begun to flow between the two stations.


In the name of all those who will be saved by this agreement, thank you.


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Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly

As the structure referred to in this treaty has been destroyed by the Stribog Clade and associates, Electus Matari considers the treaty and all other treaties surrounding the structure voided.

We consider BosAc released from the obligations it placed on them, and free to choose independent of us how they govern the station and regions in their control. We also wish to thank them for the direct, honest, and honourable conduct during the deal’s lifetime.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari

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