Bot Problem - Plex price - Declining quality of jobs

Do you think the bot problem is related to the declining quality of the available jobs in countries of the G20?

The work wages are not following the cost of life increase, while the consumerist system encourages us to entertain ourselves more than ever.
The Plex price skyrocketed within the past years and the bot problem seems to grow bigger and bigger at the same time (although I have no raw data to prove this).

Maybe CCP and it’s playerbase could act as a lobbyist and put pressure on the G20 leaders to try and fix the world’s economy.

If we share the available ressources of the world, we can reduce the gap between people who have nearly nothing and people who have everything. Middle class has always been good for the economy.

With better jobs, better income and less inequality, I think we can naturally get rid of most of the botters, reduce the cost of PLEX, augment the number of pilots online and generally improve the health of our beloved game !

(english is my 2nd, sorry for the mistakes and bad phrasing)
Fly safe o7

RL economy affect EVE as any other game that being said i don’t think boot are “poors” problem not to pointing finger at anyone but my self no matter my rl money situation i wouldn’t have army of boots nor a single one.

Bots thrive when game mechanics is intentionally left exploitable by game devs and lack of any meaningful action by same people and there is decade of that going on.

Not bringing RL politics into this. Thread closed.

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