Botting Ban and PLEX

CCP now bans botting for 3 days, freezes their character transfer and skill extraction, and confiscates the cheaters ISK on the first offence. And permanent ban on second offence.

And sometimes CCP even confiscates the botting corporation wallet.

Everything seems good, but the cheaters found that CCP would do nothing to your assets and corporation assets. Especially after the PLEX change, PLEX is almost ISK equivalence, divisible and easy to transport in vault.

Some corporation manager said they would buy PLEX, skill injectors, and minerals to avoid CCP confiscating the corporation wallet.

I think that CCP should at least confiscate the PLEX, since it is almost equivalent to ISK.

But should CCP resell these PLEX in market?


I think they confiscated PLEX some time ago, I mean it was extracted from permabanned accounts. :thinking:

If you are caught botting CCP should eject all your assets into space with a system/region wide notification that all your stuff is now floating in space and everything is up for grabs. After 2 hours free floating in space it disappears into the ether. Everybody wins CCP gets rid of the bot and it creates content for the deserving.

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I think CCP should find out where they live and stand on their neck for a few hours…


Not sure about how it worked before, we cannot automatically transfer character by using PLEX now.:joy:

The whole system has been changed, and that is all the information I have gathered now.

I think that If these banned people will move PLEX elsewhere, CCP will know where it is, CCP can monitor these other accounts in future.

There is no escape from CCP banhammer.

Yeah, but it is just about consistency, CCP have confiscated the cheaters ISK but the cheaters are now trying to avoid it by using PLEX instead of ISK.

It’s not just plex you can buy overseer effects with your botted isk and it keeps value cuz it sells back to npc for fixed isk.
The main issue is not what they convert it into cuz it can be a zillion things the issue is how creatively they launder said isk or launder the assets.
An old in game friend of mine some years ago managed to hide a series of high value items in anticipation of a ban since he had went into selling isk.Ban came he got his assets liquidated bought another char and played for another year or so before quiting

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I think a perma ban on first offense is optimal. This gives many the opportunity to SEE WHAT WE CAN GET AWAY WITH…

It is not fair to those who pay to play and don’t get to cheat to make hundreds of bill or trillions of ISK.

All I need is a linux host and Eve running and I can mac spoof to my hearts content. Thing is, with my new hardware, I can manually edit the identifying nomenclature. So you, nor CCP, would ever know I was behind those 3000 accounts all botting…

I in no way am doing this or attemtping to break these rules, but I think this way, and Id think professionals in their field of expertise would too. Why is botting still even a thing?

It only says about you CCP. That YOU do not care enough to get off your asses and kick the â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  hackers out!!!

If you don’t, your game DESERVES to be hacked and cheated in… and that will in fact RUIN the community over time. I have not been here that long at all mind you, but Eve is not my first game. I have seen it happen many times. Cheaters never prosper, they only live high on the hog long enough to get attention and that usually, ruins it for the rest, who ARE playing - I mean, paying, by the rules. cough cough CCP


The other assets are much harder to transport and exchange to ISK.
I think I even see some botting character do insurance fraud to gain ISK in his emergency need or just lazy.

Maybe this one?

I heard that some get perma ban on first offence.

But even perma ban on first offence for individual, the botting corporation is still a thing.

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They still show up as coming from the same location, unless you’re going to use a bunch of VM’s all with their own VPN’s you’re still going to show on the radar, anything you can think of to potentially avoid CCP is likely to have been thought of or attempted before

If CCP knows of everything that is likely to be attempted or has been tried before, then why are bot fleets still rampant?


Because bans are done in waves, there is no point instantly banning bots, they will trace them, analyse them and try to find the source, much like a hydra, cut off one head and another replaces it, you need to go for the heart not the limbs, bots are deliberately left to operate as a result of them trying to hunt for the bigger fish


I say ban them the instant they are caught, and keep banning them the instant they are caught each and every time. If CCP keeps doing that, eventually the botters will run out of every available method. Long story short, don’t give them a single second of reprieve. If you make it as difficult as possible to bot every single second of every day, eventually they will give up.


The reason you dont see them banning bots immediately is because they’re avoiding a digital version of natural selection. If they ban bots using behavior pattern A, then they know not to use that one. Rinse and repeat until bots are using a behavior pattern indistinguishable from players. Or, go with the “kill all the dinosaurs” method by marking bots, and then banning a chunk of them at the same time so that you arent explaining to the bot masters exactly what caused them to be marked in the first place.


Well I guess CCP feels banning the individuals behind the botting corp is too strong a course of action…


How can we know how their assets are confiscated, after all? All we have is only a few people who leaked sometimes incomplete information about bots being banned, and there are probably more removed bots we don’t even know. Maybe CCP should do a monthly bot-hunting report for more transparency?

In the previous banwave I had also seen some leaked screenshots saying one corp was having cash flow problems after several of their accounts banned. Looks like they didn’t launder their money well.

I dont think CCP does much investigation/tracking of how botters launder isk/value.

Cba to crunch the numbers again but there is an average of 2k suspended accounts a month, and two staff on the security team. Easy to calculate the workload assuming a 40hr work week.

At that rate/pace, I dont think there is time to start following papertrails to where ill-begotten wealth went, what/how it was laundered into, nor confiscating it.


Interesting, I once thought about crowdsourcing the work to players using systems similar to Project Discovery.