Botting prevention: Display a captcha equivalent

You are dumb.

When you stay in a station NPC you are free from PVP.

so that’s obviously what he meant : show those captchas when you remain more than 10min in station. That will surely prevent botting !

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Even while docked in a hisec NPC station as a member of a hisec corporation you are subject to PvP. Scams and market manipulation are still PvP!

So…CAPTCHA on login?


(And yes, I got and appreciate the sarcasm. Just didn’t want to run with it…)

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captcha on computer login.
Let’s call it a login process. And keep the captcha being the user password.

So, the dance of botters and CCP is going to continue forever within the game itself. That is fine, too. This unorthodox idea is out there, though. Do not dwell too much on the word “captcha” - the point is to externalize the dance, itself. That is, separate it from game design.

With the rise of AI, MMOs might just come to a tipping point in their struggle with botting where this and even more radical approaches might start to make sense. I see that at the very least, the players’ mindset is not yet there.

A solution may be found. But this is likely not it. One thing to focus on in any solution is to try and fix the problem while not adversely affecting more players than necessary. Your proposal inconveniences all players, the majority who do not bot. That is a poor choice regardless of the details.

To put it another way you are forcing the majority of players who play by the rules to prove that they are not a botter so that you might catch the smaller minority of actual botters.

The solution has already been given by CCP : if players stopped purchasing stuff on RMT sites, botters would not be worth making.

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