Botting Resources Thread - Everyone deserves 3 bil an hour!

Was just a sarcastic joke about protests and their efficiency and how nothing much can or will be done about these things as CCP doesn’t seem to care nor do much and players are not able to put pressure on them either for one reason or another.

I’ve been working on multi boxing arty thrashers, once I get it down to a science I’m planning to move to nados.

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at gates or stations, have one tanky one shoot first to draw fire, which allows the others to live until CONCORD shows up. For the nados pick a different ship as tank, as they can’t really be tanked that well iirc.

Interesting thread :grin:

VAC is THE worst example of this method. It doesnt work at all in F2P games like TF2.
A cheater who doesnt get banned immediately can destroy the matches of other players for hours.
A few hours/days/weeks later he might get banned.
He makes a new account (free because the game is F2P) and starts again.

That means there is 0 protection from cheaters. VAC has so many holes, by the time the tiny security team has fixed 1 hole/entry point, the cheat developers have found 3 new ones.
(This was just a rant about VAC, i know EVE is different.)

Can you put actual numbers behind “eventually”.
From my experience your eventually is a timeframe meassured in years. I kinda want to believe this is not true, but an actual answer instead of hollow phrases would be nice.

Also can you confirm that the security team tasked with dealing with bots rmt and such is still active, as their last public appearnce was 2015 and ccp has made it a habit to fire staff recently.

Yea. This was also the case in the summer. When people on Reddit started to make “unsub threads”, showing dozens of pictures with unsubbed accounts, CCP suddently started talking about balance, fighter nerfs and ghost training.
Shorty after that they made a special offer for Omega subs^^


Look at the news on this botting site:
They go back to 2016. And they sell supers, which require a significant infratructure in game.
So the timeframe is, like you said, probably years.

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At some point CCP set up ISD (players from the community, vetted, trained and deputized to act on behalf of CCP to self-regulate the community). ISD guys know their jobs and do them quietly and effectively behind the scenes. Seems little attention from CCP is needed.

Project Discovery is kind of the same. A sector of the community gets into what they’re doing, they get into it and do it well, and get some rewards. That are free to pay for CCP, and no or no ongoing attention from staff required.

Seems a players counter-bot initiative could work just as well as those two. Put the puzzle-solving and solutions-making power of the player community to work. Hunting-seeking, investigating, drawing conclusions, entrapping if needed and viciously erasing. We’d collectively be damn good at that.

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Bit sorry for being late on this one. But it’s been dealt with.

Also Accidentally deleted the last post.


Too add to this, Botting has and never will be allowed here. Anyone who suspects a player/Machine botting in any mechanic in the game are encouraged to report them. The nature of the buisness means we must keep many things private, to stay ahead of the curve against botting. Sadly this means that from the players point of view, little or nothing is being done.

Hopefully this has settled things down a bit… for maybe a week.