Bought alpha injectors, where and how do i use them?

Having newguy trouble in finding where they are and how to use.

Dock at a station.

At the top of the tool bar on the left side of the screen there’s a stylized E that looks like this =. That’s EVE’s equivalent of the Windows Start button, and you can see all the apps in the game, even if they don’t have an icon in the toolbar on the left.

Find the inventory group and open up the Redeem Items app. Your injectors should be in there. Drag them to the station hangar space, and then you can right-click on them to inject the skill points into your character sheet. I think you can use one injector per day.

Open your character sheet and the points from the injector are in the Skills section, should be listed at the top, with green numbers. You can then right-click on any of the skills that you have in your character sheet, and apply points to it, to train that skill to the next level.

You can also get more skills from the market; you buy skill books from the market, go to the station where they are, and right-click them to inject them into your character sheet. This will add the skills to your character sheet with 0 points (untrained). You can then apply points to them.

In addition to the injectors, as a brand new Alpha character you will also be able to train skills slowly over time, and get up to 5 million skill points for free that way (just takes time). To get this process started, open your character sheet and go to the Skills section. Drag the skills you want to train down to the bottom section, to add them to the training queue. You should see a progress bar appear and you can drag more skills and they’ll train in order. This slow training will not consume the points you got from the injectors.

As for what skills are useful, I would recommend doing the tutorial and the career missions, as they give you some free skills, some millions of ISK, and some decent ships that you can use or sell.

Otherwise, skills in EVE will unlock ships or modules (guns, missiles, afterburners, target jammers, armor plates, etc) for you, and also give you 5-20% bonus to their performance, depending on how high you train. So you need to play the game a little and figure out what activities and ships interest you, then train the skills for them. Here’s a list of basic skills that are generally useful for any pilot.

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