Noob question! I started to play yesterday, Omega state. Skill injectors avaliable?

I want to boost my training, How to do this in Omega? I cant use alpha injector.

Explain like im a 5 year old :wink:

use a full set of +2 ou +3 implants (depend of how much isk you have) and eventualy use a remap if you know exactly what you want to do in eve. it’s the cheapest way to get skilled. but avoid pvp if you wear an expensive set of implant.
the other one is to use your skilltime wisely and don’t spend time in useless skill.

more important than anything, joint a newbros-firendly corp, your corpmates will give you some usefull advices for you skillplan.

finally, when you will know exactly what you need, you can begin to use classic skills injectors (the large one is preferable) if you have enouth isk or real money

some resources:

Thank you for taking your time to explain :slight_smile:

How do i know wich implants i need?

How do i join a Corp?

How do i get Injectors?

As i said, im a noob and need really extensive explanations.
Never played a game like this before, and its a lot more advanced than my fps games :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

For implants, I linked a page witch explain how they work. I think for a young player, +2 or +3 can be ok.

you can find a corporation in game via your neocom -> corporation -> search (something like that…)
you can use some filters to choise a corp witch fit you (language, area of operation etc…)
as I see you are familiar with the forum, there is a recruitment page

for a new player, I think you have to find a good corp before thinking about skills.

Eve is a complex game, you will have questions to ask for years. You have to learn to find your answers by yourself. there is a lot of ressources avaible in internet.
this is a solid database, especially usefull for a new player.

For injectors and implants (and anything else) you can buy it with isk in Jita system, it’s the main market hub

Each skill (right click on it, display “show info” ) has 2 atttributes. There are 5 different attributes so if you really want to learn fast, you need to get best implant you can use, for each of them. I rearely learn skills, that require social attribute, so I get cheap implant for it, just in case (some my combat clones fly without it).
Slot 1 - Alpha - Ocular Filter: Perception
Slot 2 - Beta - Memory Augmentation: Memory
Slot 3 - Gamma - Neural Boost: Willpower
Slot 4 - Delta - Cybernetic Subprocessor: Intelligence
Slot 5 - Epsilon - Social Adaptation Chip: Charisma
Get ‘Basic’ version for first 4 and beta for the charisma Social Adaptation Chip.

You decide what you want to do, than you look for the corp. If you do not know yet, join eve - uni Usually you check the time, when the corp is active, how big is it (bigger not always better for your personal game) and of cause if they fly in your area. There is a number of corps out there, who will let you join to steal your stuff and get easy kills on you. Beware.

You can buy skill injector. But it costs so much ISK, that you probably just wait till you find out, what you like to do (exploration, piracy, faction warfare, incursions etc…) and than buy to boost absolutely necessary skills only. Proper corp will tell you which skils you lack most.

But above all - find what part of EVE entertain you most first. Life of a nomadic low sec pirat is something very different from playstyle of the person, who is building his own small sand castle together with few close friends. Industry oriented player sit in their null sec corner and do not go outsideof safe pocket, explorers will dive into wormholes to never get back… This game is bigger, than just ‘counter-strike’ in space.

Thank You!

Augmentations bought and installed.

Will do some research into Corps.

Steep price for the injectors :open_mouth:

appriciate your patience with my questions :smiley:

Bear in mind that player skill and character skill are not the same thing and player knowledge and skill are far more important. Experienced players flying frigates can and do kill inexperienced players flying battleships.

You can’t inject player knowledge and skill - it comes with experience playing the game. Don’t try to advance too fast.

As a new player you should run the tutorial and career missions, followed by the SOE epic arc. All explained here:

There are excellent new player corporations available once you decide how you want to play the game. is a good choice.

Brave newbies is another:

Good luck and welcome to Eve

Yes, other players must extract those skill points from their own characters to fill up each injector, and the entire market is player-run (almost everything except skill books and some blueprints is either manufactured or looted by players). So we value the skill points and the injectors are priced accordingly.

Omega training speed is approx. 20 million points per year.

EVE is set up so that each ship has a role (tank, DPS, etc.), and the game lets you unlock any ship (any role) on a single character, with no limits (for Omega). Thus, if you focus on just a few ships, a character takes as long as other MMO’s, but if you try for “train everything” remember to equate it to “build a full account of all classes” for other MMO’s.

Also because EVE lets you train any skill, player corps. don’t recruit based on “need.” If a corp has a need for a certain role or ship, it’s a simple matter for one or more of their existing members to train it up, they don’t need to recruit outsiders. As a result, when it comes to recruiting new people, EVE corps are mostly looking for compatible personality and trustworthiness, as well as a general interest in doing what the corp is doing (don’t try to join a PVP corp if you want to mine).

Finding a good corp is hard, so don’t be afraid to join and leave if they suck. In general, high-security space is overcrowded with players who want to avoid PVP, and has low rewards, so the experience is generally poor. Low-security, null-security, and wormhole-space corps are usually better corps, because the dangers of living where they do will bring people together and build trust.

So its real skillpoints from players? Damn… Didnt know…

This game is complex… im kind of confused lol…

Trying to find a corps now… hard job :stuck_out_tongue:



Welcome to New Eden. I was going to answer your questions, but others beat me to it with good responses.

Be aware if you are attacked and podded (where they destroy your ship and then destroy your pod with your clone in it) as you will lose your implants. Have a look at jumping to another clone if you are trying something dangerous.
If you haven’t found it already, Eve University is a very good resource.

Training takes time. Take these early days at the start of you time as a Capsuleer to discover what you enjoy doing and then focus your training into that. There are no “general specialists”. Experience rather than Skills make you a better pilot. Even as a new pilot you can make a difference. Big, expensive ships are sexy, but the small ships are the invaluable workhorses, cheap enough to make mistakes with, but capable enough to heroically save the day. Just because you can fly the big shiny doesn’t mean you have to. I can fly a 1.5b ISK freighter, but use a 2m ISK frigate for most of my work.

A corporation that fits your needs is always hard to find. Fly with them first if you can before fully committing, and don’t be afraid of moving on if your wants from Eve diverge from their objectives

As you may appreciate, life in New Eden isn’t a game where you mystically reappear with all your equipment as if nothing has happened. Losses are permanent and actions have consequences. But that makes life exciting and worth living…

Out of curiosity, which set of implants did you get?

Fly safely and if you are around Amarr EFA then say hello.


These implants:

Slot 1 - Alpha - Ocular Filter: Perception
Slot 2 - Beta - Memory Augmentation: Memory
Slot 3 - Gamma - Neural Boost: Willpower
Slot 4 - Delta - Cybernetic Subprocessor: Intelligence
Slot 5 - Epsilon - Social Adaptation Chip: Charisma
‘Basic’ version for first 4 and beta for the charisma Social Adaptation Chip.

Fifty million ISK on implants? That’s a fair investment for a new player. I remember scrabbling for ISK as I started my career. I hope you’ve not put all your spare cash in your pod, I still only fly with a Standard set plugged in - a hundred million or so if it all goes wrong.
Having a training clone, with a full set of expensive plugins and a combat clone is quite common. Along with clones focuses on other tasks - industry, mining and so forth - depending on your interests.

Replying with my main Chara :slight_smile:

I do not have the multiple profile tasking completely under control yet, so using a jump clone for the fun bit.
Living in a WH so no time penalty on jumping :slight_smile:

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