Bounty information please?

I recently placed a rather large bounty on someone who falsely accused me of stealing his ship. He has since apologized and I would like to remove the bounty. Can I, and if so, how?

I don’t think you can remove the bounty…

Buy the guy a really expensive ship that is 120% the cost of the bounty. Dual him and blue up the ship. You’ll collect the bounty.

Otherwise, nope!

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According to
If a target has been inactive (unsubscribed) for a long time, the bounty pool will be removed and a portion returned to those who’ve placed the bounties.

I remembered Rita Jita used to have hundreds of billions of bounties and now there is none.

Used to be five months. I don’t know if this changed with the Alpha state. Most likely it’s the same time span without login now.



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