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On the day the acquisition was announced, ironically JAGEX made thier BETA Old School RuneScape MOBILE APP WHERE PLAYERS CAN play the full game of OSRS FROM MEMBERS(paid subscription) ONLY …… TO F2P by October 1st!!! They also announced that that it will be the official release of the app. It has already been more than 5 months that OSRScould only be used by P2P members, and on the same day of the Acquisition. The reason why this is shocking after 5 months? IT TOOK THEM 2 YEARS to develop a beta version of the app! THEY DID THIS on THIS NEWS RELEASE ON THE DAY THEAT CCP DID THE NEWS RELEASE OF THE ACQUISITION! THEY TOOK THE ADVANTAGE! CCP YOUR PLAYERS ARE NOW MIGRATING!!!

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I have absolutely zero interest in mobile games. None. If I was going to ‘migrate’ from a PC game, it’d be to another PC game, on PC. Mobile games are those thing you do when you’re on a train travelling to work/across the country and you’re bored and need something to do.

Speak for yourself, kid.

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Also- mobile…this is comparing apples and wheelbarrows.

If you enjoy the game, more power to you but I can’t imagine this to be an alternative to any even semi-serious EVE players.

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Sorry about the caps lock… Im sorry :frowning:

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We are hitting an all time rock bottom in the forum at the moment.

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No worries, man. I get that you’re excited, but go easy on the caps lock- people will take your message more seriously :slight_smile:

Also, while this game is probably not for me, if you have a link to the game that you are talking about for people who might want to check it out, I’m sure others would appreciate that.



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sure no prob

(JC Mieyli) #8

well they would have to know about the acquisition in advance so seems unlikely

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Why would blessed beings from the glorious PC master race even look at a mobile game? Seriously, even suggesting that should be punishable by having to play on a console for a month. You are an evil person op.

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