Brant-Felm Industries BF-I (Mining and Production Corp)

Do you like to punch rocks? Are you interested in punching rocks? Maybe you like to defend the guy who is punching rocks? What if I told you, you could do any of those things in a given week?

We are a Corp currently based in High Sec, we have a trading hub and manufacturing center, and we are looking to enter low sec territory with weekly moon mining events and weekly group mining events. We deal almost exclusively with private contracts to buy ore from us and sub components. The goal of the firm is to make money and enjoy each other’s company. We accept all skill levels and play styles, except for piracy.

All Corp contracts pay better than what the market lists.

All skill levels are welcome.

Message Selenia Bargoes or Cenell Bargoes for more information.

Bump, We are interested in players that would like to grow! We have industry and knowledge behind us.

Just an update to our roster, several have joined our ranks but we want more folks in on it. Enjoy your stay!

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