Breacher re-design

I see all these kestrel design changes, it’s all good but…

Breacher also urgently needs a redesign, as it quite literally stands as a flying scaffold in space…

Im a construction worker and everytime I go home and I look at my most favourite ship, all I see is a pixelated recap of my day ie:


So, yea either change it or at least be completely honest with its design and include 3d models of them fine gentlemen hard at work all across my ship’s hull.

It would be a more suiting and honest representation of what this ship currently stands for visually.


I’ve seen one Kestrel re-design brought up lately. Which was just a post of a design brought up nearly three years ago. In which the OP put up a link to a Twitch stream supposedly showing a developer working on the Kestrel but actually was showing the work on the Osprey re-design.

What kind of re-design are you looking for in the Breacher? Because the Breacher’s appearance as rocket-propelled scaffolding is pretty much canon now. It’s even mentioned in the lore presented in the Frigates of New Eden book.

Well the designers mustve taken it too litterally I find, I mean it is essentially and litterally a single piece scaffold or crane flying through space…

I mean nothings wrong with that as it fits in well with the Minmatar lore of makeshift technology, but I must address that it could’ve been designed more subtly.

I’ll come back later with a few ideas.

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