Please can someone redesign the Breacher, not just a face lift, you can’t polish a turd! Take the slasher as an example, it looks great now, there are a few others that could do with a freshen up, but the Breacher’s in real need!


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But have you seen Burst? :smirk:

I think that would be nice redesign for Burst: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ArlrX

As for Breacher, they could just change it to tech 2 model minus the oversized launchers and bomb deployment thingy, and changing wingy bits.


Nice Burst! And no, the Breacher needs a complete rethink. It doesn’t look like any other ships of it’s race now.

who in the world cares about looks?

Sadly, I do. Have you ever bought a skin?

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