Breaking News | Caldari State Takes Control... ⚡️

This is something new…


Isn’t this big news?

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NPC nullsec. My question is, what is now the security status given that Concord are the registers of the new sovereignty.

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Turning NPC null-sec regions into more high-sec space is a very good idea, and I support it very much. Maybe in time, sovereign null-sec can be turned over too. There would definitely be demand for it!


Huge bubbles UM-Q7F looks busy with many Sabre

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Any changes to the security of the region?

I’m going back as I never had a chance as I was overheating and trying to get outside the bubble on the stargate
The Current owners are there and we’re bringing loot to them.

//the system looked normal nulsec though didn’t catch the -0. #

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If the system has gone from NPC nullsec to regular nullsec, why would Concord ( who never visit nullsec ) be the registers of the transfer of sovereignty ? I mean if they never go there how are they going to know who owns it.



Nice! Are the Caldari stations dockable yet? I need to head that way.

That station in that picture no, I think I must buy a docking permit first as I seen her ad on the holographic telly.


The station is called UM-Q7F X - Modern Finances Depository

There is a Gallente Station there also.

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Good one…I went to see for myself.

UM-Q7F X - Modern Finances Depository

We could all meet here and live chat in local, it could become the new Anti-Gank-vs-Gank debate


God forbid CCP ever moved the main hub to here…

They gave up on all the others o.O

I think it needs a jump clone service or does that open up after high rep level with those agents.
(Becides setting home station)

There are two on offer right now both level 1 with 1 security and 1 distribution agent.
Then there are other agents in the area with locked status I saw a level 4 so I took a hauler there to start farming those low level missions with that agent there.

The Quaffe station in local has clone services.

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