Null sec Blocs vs NPC Empires?

Was thinking about ways to revitalize the whole Eve experience, and came up with this idea: What if the four empires were to attempt to extend their control into the Null Sec areas, and the the Null Sec blocs had to fight back? Thought that would create some “interesting” content, both PVE and PVP, for both HS and LS players.

well considering Lore wise, the Tribute region used to literally belong to the Caldari State

Let’s take it back!!!

I posed this question a whe back to the RP community and they said that any one Empire could wipe the floor with all of Null.

When asked where the imperial Capitals were during the Triglavian Invasion though I was met with silence.


We know for sure that the industry might of the empires beats all of null.

We can’t also forget ships do need crews. Even capsuleer capitals. The empires have a massive crew advantage over null sec.

War goes far beyond just ship combat. It’s station boarding, planetary defenses, and more.

Just like how the empires don’t deploy capitals to stop the incursions. The empires have more resources vs NS just different priorities.

The Empire politicians have been bought and paid for.

Their priority appears to be plot armour and little else of note

With the whole Caldari / Syndicate thing and CCPs alleged promise of “revealing gameplay mechanics through story” you’d think they’re going to release actual sovereignty changes for empires and NPC pirate factions as part of allegiance or something.

To be honest that’s CCP focusing on the wrong lessons of Pochven. The sovereignty change in the top left going from “Empire” to “Trig” was not the reason players rushed in to the area to shoot each other easily. It was the security status of the system changing from >0 to zero that enabled it.

I can totally foresee a future where CCP misses the mark and basically releases a player conflict mechanism that allows NPC sovereignty to change between each other (“expanded FW”) but totally shoot themselves in the foot because high sec and low sec parts of the mechanics remain stale. Making the conflict a chore to carry out in high sec, and with the usual side effects in low sec, because by design CCP these days are allergic to any player ships exploding in high sec. It would be way more interesting if such a conflict driver changed security class instead (or in addition) and would actually motivate locals to get involved.

I bet literally nothing will happen and nothing will change.

Why would CCP give up the habit of a lifetime?

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I really was thinking more of a combination of FW mixed with Incursions; HS Empire Militia capsuleers would fleet up and invade Low sec systems, and the SOV holder would have to repel the invasion, and vice versa. Lowsec Sov holders could fleet up and PVP raid HS/LS systems, but without the usual CONCORD response. There also would be similar incursion type PVE type missions on both sides of the fence as well. And SOV/Sec status would change based on Success or failure of these missions. The systems involved would get intel that they are under threat of attack so residents would have time to prepare in whatever way they wanted. Make it so that NPC assets in NULL are vulnerable to attack, too.

This is a bet I’m unwilling to go against. :rofl:

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