Bring Back Blackout

Yeah, gotta say: coordinating more than two hundred people in a fleet without using text isn’t a problem.

Blackout was a lot of fun. Just remembering all the gangs that were cruising around Catch, bumping into one another.

What do you need PvE targets for,
when there are so many PvPers around to shoot at?

Point 3 doesn’t appear to be making sense,
could you elaborate?

No, because nullbear parasites are not satisfied with anything less than perfect ISK/hour farming with zero risk. The solution is to disregard the fun of people who want to play like bots, remove local entirely, significantly cut the resources available in nullsec, and impose a harsh upkeep tax on capitals (and especially supercaps). Make it impossible to maintain the current capital fleets and take away the ability to peacefully coexist with your neighbors and farm your home systems. Nullbears will whine and cry about how their farming is gone but they can **** off and go back to WoW.


Well, if you’re going to insist on being horribly wrong right out the gate… go for it.

Don’t agree with me? Go look at the AFK cloaking thread or any of the countless whine threads about the blackout. You’ll find tons of nullbear parasites whining and crying about how there’s risk in nullsec and their farming income is in danger.

I don’t have to look in those threads to know how people in nullsec behave. I’m not the one in a 5-man corp for the last 10 years. The people you’re talking about are a very small minority of nullsec. I could just as easily call you a risk-averse parasite, whining about people being able to see you coming, and being able to actually get a few friends together to stomp all over your pathetic attempts to be relevant while you cry over not being able to get easy kills in perfect safety.

Instead, I choose to believe there has to be a way to allow people who put in the effort to achieve a level of player-provided security in their own space, just as there has to be a way for other players who put in the effort to be able to circumvent many of those security measures.

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Bring blackout back! @Arrendis just admitted he would put in the work to make Goon space just as secure as always! Gosh, I can’t wait for the bait industrials that will abound in Delve :slight_smile:

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Not sure industrial’s would make very good bait, except possibly for the most risk averse hunters who only hunt ships that can’t fight back.
On the other hand Supers used as bait might raise a few eyebrows.

At this point, every ship ratting or mining in Delve is bait.

Maybe activating dscan is what should reveal you in local. Blackout was fun but I’ll admit it was overpowered for hunters.

It really is difficult.

CCP just blows me away how to piss off everyone.

Add Blackout, unhappy people quit, happy people stay
Remove blackout, make more customers unhappy, people who quit don’t return

Once the damage was done it was stupid to reverse course and do more damage.

You are not supposed to back up over pedestrians once you hit them :rofl:

I would disagree with this suggestion, if they dont want local chat then the WH space they should go to.

Wormhole space requires too much scanning.

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