Bring back old proving grounds

maybe better would be 1v1 Cruisers, 2v2 Destroyers and 3v3 frig rooms at the end of tier 3-6 sites.

I am with Gustav Mannfred.
Bring back old proving grounds!


fully agree on that

I 100% support a return of the old Proving grounds as an “in addition to” feature for those of us who thoroughly enjoyed that game play style.


If you read todays patchnotes:

Missions & NPCs:

  • Resource Wars sites have stopped appearing in space for the time being while they are sent back to the workshop for some renovation and repurposing.

CCP did exactly that with resource wars today. Content just removed. And so it was with Abyssal PVP:
Gone from one day to the other. Same sad story again

But abyssal pvp isn’t completely removed. You can still do it.

Different. But not completely removed.

Just like AWOXing.

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the thing Gustav points out is that the old arena is independant of the events, and there should be both, the events and the old arena. They have nothing in common.
That is the whole idea of all the threads about the old arena I see here in the forums. In the end, we have both the events and the old arena.

yeah the idea is simply to have both the events and the old arena which you get at the end of pve sites

You’re only looking at direct changes …
… not at indirect changes.

Like how CCP destroyed ninja salvaging.
Or classic can flipping, which isn’t a comparable experience to modern suspect shenanigans.

I think there’s others as well, but I can’t come up with any.

I’d feel sympathy if you guys weren’t so pointlessly trying to be relevant.

Yeah, because no one did that stuff.
I guess that also means no one actually did Abyssal PvP?

This thread is from 17th of October and only has 30 posts, this one included…

Well, this is false with Abyssal PVP, there were people doing it. And that number increased after the Surgical strike patch.

Check out Abysra and convince yourself!
I assume, if no one wants it back(which is not the case at all) there wont be posts about that. So far the majority of ppl posting in this thread are for bringing back. I barely see any argument against bringing back the old arena.

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and several people said they support it, even Torvald Uruz said he misses the old arenas too

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Well, the Cruiser 1v1 event was not as similar as the old proving grounds. I had some exiting fights there, but it was still far away from the old arena. Was more like “well, its a throw away ship, if it dies, just buy another one”.

So I did the giveaway event about the old proving grounds last weekend and it surprised me how many people that never did the old arena want it back.

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I pretty much quit the day they closed old proving. logged in a handful of times since and barely play. Sucks massively. We lost a whole community along with it. Players I never see anymore.

yeah, bring back Sniperbros and so on…

I have the feeling that the amount of people that want the old arena back is increasing…