Bring back old proving grounds

yeah, idk why CCP removed that. That content was unique

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The first 3 events did not have module restrictions, but then CCP changed it. I asked the CSM to bring that up to CCP and as far I heard it has been brought up and discussed.

I posted the request to bring the old arena back into the Abyssal Feedback channel on the Abyssal Lurkers Discord on Friday. Lets see where that ends up

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Fingers crossed they bring back a 1v1 arena with little to no restrictions and broader range of ship types available

Torvald Uruz made a feedback channel in the abyssal lurkers discord (idk if you are in there). I and a few others brought the old arena up in there. And there are some devs inside, I hope they have seen all that feedback.

looking at zkill from the Assault frig FFA we clearly see that this event, and some past ones, have turned into more or less the same thing as the old arena. There is a dominant group of like 50 players that do these events over and over again and some others that do maybe a match or two and then stop. I also compared the top 100 lists from the past few events and there are some names on the list over and over again.

I mean, what speaks against having both iterations of the arena? Maybe the old arena could be used as a main supply for the reserve bank keys?

TBH i don’t see reason why they can’t coexist.
Bring old one back and keep new one as event.
Also as far i love flying pimp ships i understand modules restrictions.
It’s more appealing for new bros.

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That was exactly the idea I had when CCP announced these events originally

same, idk why they cannot coexist

From what I have gathered, the current Abyssal Proving grounds are a real hack off mess.

The current Cap 18 one is a really apparent to me example.

If the PvP was only linked via Abyss running. It might make for a more interesting fight. So it becomes a choice between getting out or getting more loot. Frigate Players and Destroyer Players might have fun doing it too and if rewarded with PvP bonus items like factionals and special skins for completing the abyssal PVP room.

The current Abyssal Proving Ground is not beneficial. Because even if you limit modules and meta levels the skills and implants do seriously throw it. Before we have fixing and agreements.

Also I would like to see the Abyssal Proving Ground have some sort of Abyssal Loot/Salvage Collector. Basically every person who dies has their stuff collected into the center Cache as part of the loot. Drones/ammo/module etc. So the survivor gets more than just the Trig Loot but gets some compensation. Personally I would rather be allowed to exit with my capsule via a tweak to the Exit Gate that allows capsules through only until the victor wins then the gate fully unlocks for his ship.

The skills of players already throws the Abyssal Proving Grounds out badly. Even with restrictions. Faction/Named modules also can allow you to get higher tier ammo in under Meta if I am not mistaken.
I think the possibility of PvP in Abyssal runs between T0-T1 would be a good way for players to get their feet wet in a “safe” environment. But have a timer to do or die and to learn mechanics of PvP via Abyssal. Also having Easter Egg rooms in the lower tiers also would cause even more draw to the Abyss running. Which then increases more interest in running the Abyss and higher Abyss 1v1 conflicts or 3v3 or 2v2.

But the problem with ELO systems is they can be “Smurfed” by alts, appearing to be lower skilled than they really are.

I agree with the OP it makes more sense. CCP can’t 100% guarantee that one can not have goofing around with fixing. But having Abyssal PvP in the Abyss adds a massive unpredictable RNG factor that will keep farming and fixing to a minimum. You don’t know who you will face.

The current Abyss Proving Grounds PvP is really disappointing and discouraging to players. 5K in Skillpoints is not worth the millions lost to fixing. At least in this event they have a system that at least pays players back for their losses. Which has kept some players at least willing to try their hand at it and continue it. So going forward CCP is going to have to start compensating players to enter the Proving Grounds more, or switch to the Abyss Running Abyss PvP. Because the current system is frowned upon immensely.

Also D-scan should be able to pick up if a player is in the PvP room. We need some Abyss D-scan capacity.

You can also tweak the PvP rooms in Abyssal Runs to be con-current with an Event so the PvP room might link up 18 or more players that are running the Abyss. If they want to.

It can be adjusted as you see fit which gives alot of variety vs. the Proving Ground versions which seems like a smaller scale Alliance Tournament system.

That was originally the idea of the old arena, so that you enter a 4th room where you can grab more loot, but with the chance that someone else shows up and that you then fight for death. I would only link 2 players into the same arena, as anything else results in collusion like we saw in the 18 player FFA.
But having destroyer 2v2 and frig 3v3 in that style would be great too.

CCP does that, for one day on July 31

an article about the old arena got published on INN

I genuinely don’t know why CCP would remove content that was working, which people enjoyed, and was not causing problems with the game i.e. economic inflation, too big of an ISK faucet etc.

Please bring back the original abyssal arena! We have so many people doing Abyssal sites now, pipelining some of them into PvP would be great.

T1 cruiser arena for Tier 1-3 abyss maybe?

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Thats what I am asking myself too, what were the problems with the old arena? We still have the old map and old POS, why cant we have the old and new arena togheter?

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Yesterday I had a situation where I thought “I want the old arena back”. When I was fighting a full distruptor fitted Naga in the 2v2 BC event. Abyssal PVP def needs fit filtering with NPC

Even tough this thread is almost one year old, I agree that the old arena needs to be brought back. Great content was taken out for no reason. I mean, is a stale meta a reason to remove something from the game? Look at the meta in pve sites, lvl 4 missions for example, or nullsec ratting…

A lot of the new formats are dead before they even began. An example was the destroyer 3v3 in April. Have fun sitting in queue for 1h until you get a fight. In the old arena you could still enter and grab the loot, even if no one showed up. That made this concept so interesting.

If the format is a 2v2 or any xvx with x > 1 it ends up beeing dead, regardless of what ship size. We just had a 3v3 Kiki and like 40 ppl got in the top 100 with 0 wins and 1 loss. 1v1 and 4 player ffa however tend to be popular.

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