Bring back old ui features


I am not sure why the jukebox and the ability to change the UI colors are gone, but can we have them back please?



Essentially, so that sounds could be more immersive, based on the situation, and a change in the way music is stored and accessed in general.

UI changes was something similar - cohesion between sound, graphics and design.

Good luck with that.

+1 from me, but it’s been asked over and over and not likely to happen.


For the Jukebox, well… Foobar2000 can easily compensate for that, once you have downloaded all musics.

But for the UI, there is nothing to be done. I would love to get back RGB sliders as an option. Having themes who match ships is a good fancy one, but it can’t cover all needs. I really dislike the “few colors on dark” general policy while I was more “few colors on green” or different background colors per launched account so I can more easily differenciate them.

A few like that.

I can’t even blame CCP, as there is a generaly tendency to sabotage UI personalization options. Windows 8/10 for exemple don’t offer the same capabilities than all previous versions, and now Microsoft make some efforts to finish the dark theme (3 years after W10 release date, we can finally get the File Explorer in dark… Impressive speed) because there are people who wanted it since day one. But why did they stop providing these options ? What was they thinking ?

CCP only applied what the others did before them. What is the origin of this tendency to nerf UI personalization ?

Anddd… I would like to see the Advanced Audio Settings Sliders back. I re-enabled the sounds because of them, but CCP nerfed them at a moment and now I play again no-sound.

It’s to do with development time to maintain the features vs usage they get.
Even an alternative ui colouring scheme can break things and needs testing every update.



Been there since I came back to EVE ~2 years ago? It’s ironically an Omega Only feature too.

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