Bring back the cyno frig

Well I play my own way but I do also accept/understand some things can’t be done a certain way just because I want it that way.

This ain’t McD’s.

Actually, no,

The fits were a response to the super being dropped constantly as I tried to build a ship that could gtfo when the HEL came and I needed to drastically reduce the price so I could keep fighting.

But, call me out for trying to do something different. Things that actually surprisingly worked…but only once.

  • low skilled player
    an actual human being with a low amount of SP

  • low skilled alt
    a seperate character with low amount of SP,
    which is owned by another character with an unknown amount of SP

The difference is significant, because one is one guy with one character with low SP,
the other is one guy with two characters.

I understand your complaining, but I don’t understand you not instead trying to figure out a work around. When your whole game depends on a frigate, then you’ve ■■■■■■ up many years ago and now you pay the price for it.

Let me repeat that for you:

Your whole game depends on a frigate.
That was your choice.

You don’t even seem to have a backup plan.
You think CCP wants people who make their whole game depend on a single thing?
You think CCP wants people who are unable to see that they’ve ■■■■■■ up?

I don’t think so.

Try harder and find a solution.
It was batshit stupid to do this in the first place.

No it’s not, the difference is more money/p2w and that is what this is about and its backfiring.

I know what the work around is and I refuse. It’s more time, isk, money, accounts, ect ect ect… P2W

Yes it was, but the change is worse. Accepted bad is better than unaccepted bad.

The entire premise you base your play style on is flawed at its core.

Null was never intended to be easy to fly solo in. Get friends or get dead has always been the way it works. Want Solo play? HS & LS are for you.

Go get some friends and have them light cynos for you. Alts Online is the real cancer killing EVE

Your opinion does not hold against the fact that “a player” and “an alt” aren’t the same thing.
You suggesting otherwise just means that you’re not being objective. I mean, sure, you’re
angry … but being angry and deliberately ignoring facts are two different things.

You are, in this thread, declaring that “a low SP player” and a “low SP alt” are equivalent,
ignoring the differences I’ve pointed at above.

Furthermore are you still ignoring that your whole gameplay was dependent on a cyno frigate
and if you fail to understand how absolutely stupid it is to have such a Point Of Failure,
then I can not help you with that.

As I said … I understand that you’re upset. Of course I do. Who wouldn’t be.
Nonetheless, the way you’re handling the situation is abysmally bad.

It’s so bad, I have to conclude that you’re a 16 years old USAmerican female teenager
who has watched way too many Disney Movies, making her believe she’s a Princess.

This is not how an adult behaves, John … or should I call you Jane?

Thank you for letting us know how you feel about this,
please acknowledge that your thread is not ever going to change anything about it
and, most importantly, come back here in two weeks and be horribly ashamed of yourself.

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the differnce between an alt and another player is moot in game. Your arguing the person behind the keyboard means an alt or a newb with same sp’s/ship can actually do different things with same ships and/or the alt is not limited by his sp because the main isn’t? Makes zero sense.

Not a sand box. Don’t want to devote hours and hours doing nothing. Solo play in sand box null is as viable as any other play style. It just became more time/isk/real $$ to acomplish what was core game mechanics a month ago. Broken, much worse than the original design.

Every time scary uncle john posts, it makes me think CCP did the right thing. I really shouldn’t be biased against his playstyle, but he tries so hard to be obnoxious.

I wonder if he’s related to the BOINGBOING clan.

Null Sec just finished a whine so large that the word whine no longer has meaning in any other circumstance besides Null, now known as whine sec and you don’t know about it?

You are disillusion but what can you expect from a whine seccer.

they didn’t. next.

Null is the driver of any type of high level end game play. Everyone knows this. CCP knows this. Its borked enough already. If they can’t come up with better ideas than this they need to just stop interfering.

Remember HS dooder, everyone has been you at one point. If what you like best was all there was for most people they would have left years ago. You might think your the tits but your actually cancer stuck in permanent remission.

Maybe the age of chaos should just get rid of hisec. That would be pretty sweet actually. To see and hear the reaction to all the panicking risk averse asperger types who so often called out others. Keyboards would be melting.

For now stop acting tough and pretending you don’t care. Someday you might be able to take enough anxiety meds to live in nullsec too.

No it really isn’t.
Its the end game of empire builder game play.
That is not all that exists in EVE.
And the fact that you are ignorant like that reflects badly on you.

Also maybe try editing your post without all the insults aimed at neurodivergents and calling things cancer?

Yes it really is and without it eve is just a crappy browser game. The real whiners rush here to shut down the conversation and flag crap when they get called out.

I have spent a lot of money on subs and would have continued to support this game, but no more.

what would you call what you just did?

Pre-emptive strike.

Why its true. Can’t have an honest conversation on the forum anymore. Why do the HS people even care?

Is it the cyno’s? No they can’t don’t use them where they are so it has no effect on them. Just piling on because…human nature

Is it the caps? Not really, they can’t come to your system and are no threat so…again straw man argument, just piling on.

Is it organized null ganking? Maybe, because they took the wild west, turned in into a garden, made mad isk, then brought the pain back to your house against the odds and the game mechanics. Jealousy.

Is it the money? Yup, because why do they deserve to make more than me? (see above) More jealousy.

Again, why is it your so against a part of the game so many of you won’t touch except through some butterfly effect? Shameful joy. Cutting your nose off to spite your face.

I would also like to point out that I have never heard of cyno bots as a thing, so you can be fairly certain every time you saw one of those cynos you hated so much go up, at least it was put there by a real player behind the keys.

A lot less of those players now.

The only thing scary about you is how you’re an adult throwing a temper tantrum.

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Maybe you can tell me when I talked about all the things I’m getting ranted about. Normally you and I are yelling at each other so you seem a good person to call me out on my complaints about cyno bots or null making good isk.

Did you mean to reply to me?
I have no idea what to make of your post.

And we don’t actually yell at each other. I rarely even post with you. I don’t endlessly go back-and-forth with people either, because it’s stupid. I don’t require making others believe I’m right. It’s not even in the “recent” past that I did that. I don’t know what you like, dislike, agree with or disagree with.

Though we both know, most likely, that the guy above is kind of a loser.