Bring back wallet balance info in character sheet

I use my neocom for buttons more useful than the wallet and I really loved seeing the account balance while hovering on my character sheet rather than having the character sheet show nothing.

it just seems like removing a QoL feature for no reason that all players were used to…

You can hover the mouse cursor over the Wallet button and it will show you the balance.


yes but what if i didn’t have wallet in the neocom because i use it for other things and checked my balance on the character sheet? it seems like just a pointless quality of life downgrade… what wrong was it doing to have it displayed there?

You can hover the ? beside total character worth to see wallet balance.

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In that case you’d just have to adapt and check your balance differently. The Wallet button is in the Neocom by default so there is no extra work to do but to hover mouse cursor over it.
Things change, nothing we can do about it but adapt and move on.

uh there’s something we can do about it. this change is totally useless and if people complain they’ll put it back, it’s just so pointless to remove that. At this point i believe it’s just they’re too lazy to do the real work the game need and in their meeting they come up with tons of pointless little things to modify/change to justify their job.

again its there
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question mark beside total net worth.

Wallet is not on my neocom. And i use it for other stuff. idk why they don’t just put it back it’s so random and useless to remove it.

i showed you the wallet is still on the character sheet, just condensed into the net worth of the character now.

i’m talking when you hover over the character sheet icon in the neocom, it used to show it all there.

Um… can’t you just add the wallet button to the sidebar?

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Mine has never left there and yes you can. People will whine about anything even if it’s their own doing or not really an issue at all.


yes but i use it for other things more useful since I didn’t need it before as it was in the character icon. (read as it’s full with other buttons)

All i’m saying is it’s useless change with no point and they might as well put it back.

Like whoever’s in charge said ‘‘we’re gonna change that just for the hell of it even if it serves no purpose’’

exactly, it was not an issue and they changed it.

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