Bring on the Wrecking Machine


(Mitch Taylor) #1

  • Demolition operatives required

  • Full training will be provided

  • All pilots earn ISK for every fleet they attend

  • Corporation leaders receive ISK for every member attending fleets

Recruitment is open for like minded corporations & pilots. Please join our discord below if you would like to ask any further questions, or reply in this thread.

135m SP Character + more just take look, needs a home
2 110mil sp Pilots looking for a small/mid scale pvp corps
PVPer looking for new home |> Small- to Med-Scale PVP
(Mitch Taylor) #2

We are looking for like minded corporations and pilots.

(Mitch Taylor) #3

Unique, Relaxed & Profitable. Can it be true?

(Mitch Taylor) #4

Up up up, let’s take it from the top.

(Mitch Taylor) #5

Ok let’s go!

(Mitch Taylor) #6

Up, up, up she goes.

(Mitch Taylor) #7

Ok lets take you back to the top.

(Mitch Taylor) #8

Recruitment is open!

(Mitch Taylor) #9

Ok, lets go.

(Mitch Taylor) #10

up up up|!

(Mitch Taylor) #11

shoot citadels, earn tears, get paid!

(Mitch Taylor) #12

up to the top

(Mitch Taylor) #13

Looking for corporations and pilots. Enquire today!

(Mitch Taylor) #14

well you wont see it back here will you.

(Mitch Taylor) #15

Make it rain!

(Mitch Taylor) #16

up we go

(Mitch Taylor) #17

(Mitch Taylor) #18

recruitment is go!

(Mitch Taylor) #19

Up up up

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