Bring us surprise element for EVE

Lots of professions bring expected results without surprises. Mining brings exact amount of rock you mine for example. This makes everything boring as hell. Surprise element is always interesting and EVE is lacking it for everything except null sec combat and relic/data sites. Null sec combat brings deadspace and officer items that are rare drops for combat. There are also rare drops already for relic/data sites.

I propose rare drops for every profession in EVE. Bring us surprise element for EVE for everything.

Here are some examples for rare drops in EVE professions:

  1. Mining could drop rare materials required to manufacture some odd items. There could be more rare drops in null sec and anomaly mining sites.

  2. Blueprint invention could produce BPCs for more powerful versions of T2 modules/ships.

  3. Blueprint copying could produce BPCs with enormous amount of max runs as rare drop.

  4. Blueprint research could increase BPO max time efficiency or max material efficiency levels as rare drop.

  5. Combat could drop modules that are even more rare and powerful than officer items. These items would be extremely expensive and extremely rare.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

All but the mining option just results in RNG grinding, because to compete you would have to have the more powerful ships or the bonus RNG drops on the BPC’s/BPO’s.

Combat already has RNG drops, we don’t need more.
And mining over time the RNG would roughly average out anyway.

So none of these would add anything but frustration to EVE.

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Not everything needs some kind of “rare drop” mechanic. If that sort of thing is your bread and butter as a player then go run Scan Sites and Escalations or Belt Rat in Null hunting for Officer and Deadspace rat spawns.

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isn’t getting suicide ganked enough of a surprise for miners?

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