Broadcast 4 reps?

as a random looking for someone to talk to when the servers are down?

Always here for you!

I am so sorry, sorry please don’t misconstrue, I was in a great ingame convo with someone about some stuff I was going through, and the restart happened, I knew it was coming, I prepared for it and everything, but it still hit in the middle of a conversation, with people i never met before, people in eve online that i will always call family, even if they never seen me before or talked to me before, or even if they blown me up before, they are still family and listen and care, and… nvm all that. please forgive me, I will shut up now.

I really hope someone tells me ingame to remember to respond to this, if anyone even sees it.

If you go to My Documents > EVE Folder there is a stored list of notepad documents that you can open and it shows you the chat history and the person you were talking too.

Hope this helps,



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