Broadcast4Reps - Channel dedicated to Mental Health Awareness

EDIT: Thanks to Jonah for showing me about this very thing having been started! Rather than create my own channel, I will simply join channel Broadcast4Reps hoping to help them with what they do!

I will leave what I posted before (replacing the channel I had done) to explain why I am so glad such a thing exists.

Been back in EvE almost a month. My goals this time around are vast and many are likely out of reach. But if there’s a single one that I hope works, is the creation of this channel.

I have a mental disorder. I’ve had it since I was ten (at least) The World Health Organization releases stats that show there’s likely a higher percentage now, struggling, than ever before in history. The why or how’s are an endless conversation. But what I can tell you is many people struggling use online gaming to escape. To numb themselves. Coping, a little relief, whatever you want to call it. I’ve connected in deep ways across different games, with people struggling. And twice in my first stint with EvE in 2011-2014 I had people tell my I saved a life. At the time, I wasn’t seeking anything. I just saw a few comments they made (one in corp chat, the other I think was local in null) sent a PM asking if they were ok, and the conversation happened.

Being able to return to the game now, I decided I would open a channel, so people like that have a place to open up, or simply exist with people. People who won’t judge, insult, or prescribe a thousand fixes. Let me be clear, real-life, professional help is far better than anything this channel can provide. But for some, they need the encouragement for that first step. Or they need help in between sessions. Or whatever reason it is. Let’s face it, in our day and age, a lot of people spend more time living online, than off.

This channel is also for people with questions about mental health. Whether they have co-workers, family, friends or just want to be aware. It’s also for those who are healthy and simply wish to be there for those who struggle. It’s here because we understand that EvE reaches beyond the screen for so many great things. Friendships, family even marriage has happened. So let’s allow it to reach out for another great thing. Something that is already happening, privately in different parts of the game.

The channel is called Broadcast4Reps . If I am logged on, I am in there. There’s no expectations of sharing or “proving” you are struggling. You don’t even need to talk metal health, if you’re trying to escape. We will simply fly with you and talk about whatever is on your mind. The channel will be regulated to make sure bullying, profanity and innuendo doesn’t make it’s way in.

Fly Safe


It’s a great initiative, however you might want to team up with the folks over at broadcast4reps, via them CCP are on hand to liaise with local authorities when appropriate.

Good for you bud.

Helping people is good content.

+1 for something I won’t troll.

Jonah adds a good point, as usual.

Oh cool, yeah searching for something wasn’t extensive. It looks more like a critical line, which is obvious something that great as well. Will have to check it out more thoroughly, perhaps just promote it instead!

Fixed it for you.

Appreciated. My brain does stupid things when I am typing large chunks. It doesn’t communicate with fingers and there’s probably a muscle memory thing. Any time I am not doing bullet point I seem to have silly mistakes like this.

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Finished reading through all that stuff. Thank you for that link! I am glad this was thought of before, so will just make this post about them to bring continued awareness for people who were like me and didn’t know this was a thing.

That page you linked is severely outdated (none of the link now on it work anymore), the new website with updated links is: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for this post, appreciate it! :hugs:

Ta for the updated link, the one I had was pulled from my bookmarks

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