Broken Pirating and Ganking with no Counter

As a twelve year player I understand this is part of game play. Although Hisec is part of the life blood of null sec when it comes to trade and economy. As it stands, there is absolutely no counter to ganking. It’s out of control. Nothing a deep space transport, freighter, or jump freighter can do to counter. It’s literally a game of chance. Webbers, choice of route threw higher security space. There’s literally nothing us space truckers can do. Escort fleets won’t help either when these transport ships can be one shotted with a gank fleet. Apparently you can only fit (1) warp stabilizer per ship, but it’s if 6 bombers tackle and shot down a DST. Or a freighter gets tackled and dies in 1 second in hisec. I know all the tricks. And I dare you you to name one that works against a mass gank fleet in hisec. There is no counter. I’m tired of loosing billions and being told. To Bad, our game is unfair and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well if it doesn’t change quickly. I can unsub 8 accounts and play a different game. Because I don’t enjoy being blatantly told i’m screwed and it’s not possible to defend myself. This isn’t a new problem. And I don’t appreciate incompetency.


there are many counters to ganking ! lern how the game works and you see it by yourself !

so all the nerfes the last year(s) to gankers are createt thats NOW out of controle ? … wtf … did you lose everyday 3-4 mining ships ? did you lose everyday 3-4 freighters ? did you lose everyday 3-4 mission marauders ?

but a lot YOU can do to counter :wink:
and btw… JF´s are the easiest way to counter gankers xD

just 2 things …

  1. dont be “overloaded”
  2. dont be autopilot

tada … you never see any ganker targeting you !

if 6 bombers will shood down your DST then its your fault … not the fault of missing WCS´s

no freighter dies in 1 second :wink: if you got killed by tornados then you dont fly a freighter, maybe a hauler but no freighter ! but … if you got killed → you did it wrong !

you know nothing jon snow … ups wrong quote
you know nothing Jollyballs Cesaille !

the best counter against ganking is → dont be stupid !

because thats the reason why EvE Online is the greatest game ! its an harsh and dark world and nothing is fair ! if you want to be treatend by fairness then play other games but not eve online !

it dont have to chage ! its part of the game and after all the nerfed ganking had the last year(s) the ganking community gots smaller and smaller !

and why youre still there and cry about your situation on a forum ?
go and play other games you can be the greatest dude ever !

if its not possible then tell my how everday can move hundrets of freighters through new eden without getting ganked ?
tell me how HS mining can survive if all gankers would have been killed ?

this wasnt ever a probelm oO

ok … it was a problem if it were possible to exploit and a single catalyst was able to kill a whole freighter … but this is gone and since then and before this special exploit it wasnt a problem !

its always and only a problem of the few ppl they got blown because they didnt follow the simple rules !

this means you are be mad / sad / dissapointed / [insert the adjective] about yourself everyday ? Oo

1: A Decoy? Wait for someone else to get ganked then scoot through?

2: Find a handy wormhole?

3: Scouts and not being in a rush?

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Correct. Webbers get killed, DSTs get decloaked, JF get lanced.

Add to that the stupid implementations of hauling and structure state… It’s like CCP wanted people to get scammed by the stupid mechanisms.

A bit more, I believe.

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nothing a pilot with minimum sense of their surroundings cant handle … you only see this as a problem if your blind to everything else and resistant to lern !

Since someone seems to be offended by what I wrote earlier, let me rephrase it:

There are multiple counters to ganks, so everything the OP writes about “nothing can be done about ganking” or “out of control” is simply wrong. That is a fact, not an opinion. Gankers cooperate in numbers, use multiple accounts, scouts, scanners, damagedealers. They learn the mechanics, they crunch the numbers, they scout the targets and they execute their task with precision.

Any hauler has the option to do the same. And he will win that game, because he only needs to survive for like 20 seconds, after that, CONCORD will clear the scene. If one gets ganked, its 100% his own fault by ignoring all the options he has. Instead of crying about an “unfair world”, he should rather learn the mechanics and cooperate with others to at least half the degree the gankers do it. And then he won’t get ganked any more.


Fit bulk heads instead of cargo expanders?

Keep your cargo below 1.5 billion in value?

If you can unsub 8 accounts then surely you have a webbing alt to help your freighter into warp?

You should also have a scout alt or two to scout the systems ahead?

Nothing can be done?!? Come on…

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Then that would not change a thing. Freighters die with bulkheads too.

Sorry most people can’t decide the market value of what they have.

Just because you have multiple accounts, does not imply that you multibox them. So, not “surely”.

Indeed, nothing. All your pseudo advices are bad.

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yes that changes things ! with bulkheady ou dont have that much cargo and this CAN reduce the ISK worth of your cargo !
and bulkheads add a lot of HP ! this means to kill this bulkhead freighter need way more ppl and / or way more isk investment to gank it. this changes the worth of the target !

you can decide how much value you move ! if you take a look on the collateral then you can see how much worth is the curier contract ! if its to high then dont accept it ! easy way to keep your cargo value as low as possible

if he has 8 accounts then he is for sure able to multibox more accounts ! so yes → more then 1 account means you are able to multibox ! and no xD they are not alpha accounts ! otherwise he couldnt “unsub” 8 accounts !

he bring more advicements then you xD come on → lets say something smart for this topic ! not this kind of ■■■■■■■■ that nothing will help against gankers …

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cloak + microwarp trick. havent been ganked in my dst in ages. and its usually juicy living in a wormhole

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You can get decloaked at gates. That’s why you have fighters at gates.

I’ve been talked so much smack by highseccers claiming a BS is the minimal ship to use for missions I’ve been soloing with frigates before I got enlighted by the highseccers that there’s no way they could be done without a BS, so let me inform the highseccers at this occation that all the BS can also serve as platforms for smartbombing: with your web alt’s BS (oh don’t tell me you’re not using a BS for your webbing alts), that sits on a ping and prealigns to the gate before you jump the freighter through, you can not only fit webs to get your freighter into warp faster, but you can also put smart bombs on it, and the large SB clear out untanked destroyers in a 6km sphere (5km if you cheap out on meta SBs) around the BS/Freighter really well.

Also generates a lot of corpses from the pods that drop out of the dessies. And of bystanders. Some travelceptor that got into the blast might drop loot that compensates the BS easily, but even if it doesn’t you’re given free Praxis on all of your alts all the time, if only you wouldn’t greedily sell them all the time…

Happens, but has the side effect of dragging CONCORD on the gate the Webber was killed at, thereby clearing it for the freighter to pass.

By whom? The tackle maller that sits 12km away of your DST at the gate? Or the Tornadoes that are 40km out?

Oh my. Dreadnaughts, especially sieged ones at a station or citadel undock, are so slippery nothing could ever be done against them, but even if you were to undock one of the many redundant cyno venture alts you have at each midpoint, in a force recon, and lit a cyno with it, your alliance wouldn’t bother dropping on the dread you don’t even have to tackle as it’s sieged anyways, because dreads, especially t2 dreads, are considered such crappy killmails that noone would ever get motivated.

Or is it rather that the alliance is unmotivated to rescue a JF of a player that makes his living scaming his alliance members on the null markets, and a drop on the dreadnaught would basically be kitchensinking the support fleet as the dread has a huge fleet backing it up, which you realized to be sitting on the station undock when you undocked the cyno venture alt, but decided to ignore it, because you relied on your JF play to be uncounterable?

unless you kill it the moment the freighter decloaks.
Also the webber does not help against a point.

Tell me, what do you think people use fighters on the gates in HS for ?

Any escalation would only be a higher loss.


Then the answer is obvious, isn’t it?
Don’t pilot transports, freighters or jump freighters.

You can now choose my reply as the thread’s answer and we can all then move on to more serious matters.

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If there are 15+ Gankers in Local + a Tackler on Gate you simply don’t jump your multibillion unarmed barely moving ship in there. If you do, the mistake was made and you deserve the loss. You can see the trap in Local and in your overview that a prepared PvP Gang in specialized combat ships is waiting exactly for targets like you. Every hauling pilot must realize at this point that he is playing solo in an unarmed ship against a crew of professionals with armed ships and the outcome of this thought process is pretty simple: if they get you, you will die. They will take all your stuff.

Now you still have options, it isn’t like you “can’t do anything”. Delay your trip, wait until they gank someone and are on timer, move while they are busy. Or bait them in killing something by tricking their scanner (easy peasy). They need to clear the CONCORD spawn afterwards, your time to jump. Or, god beware, you bring support. You are playing a multiplayer game and trying to beat a multiplayer gang waiting for you. You souldn’t expect to survive this scenario solo, so call for help and do it with an escort. With only a third of the manpower the gankers have you can break any camp in HS pretty easy.

The biggest misconception in this whole topic is the idea that haulers are somehow ‘entitled’ or have some ‘right of passage’ just because its HighSec. But HighSec only means that there are different rules of engagement and the gankers have adapted to these rules. If the haulers do too, there simply is no problem.


Either yielding in less time to wreck the freighter before CONCORD rolls in, in case the mainline firepower isn’t on grid already, or spreading firepower to wreck the webbing alt and the freighter when firepower could be focused on wrecking the freighter instead.

Structure defense. What ganker can bother anchoring a 2 bil isk asset over 24 hours to do something that a 1m isk slasher could do just as well and w/o requiring a day setup.

if that’s your thought, then why bait for a fight in the first place?

Group of afk autopiloting freighters travelling on the supposedly impossible jita-amarr route

looks like afk hauling is out of control and nothing can be done about it… :rofl:

Maybe they have permits. :thinking: :upside_down_face:

you can just dock, move the cargo in small batches 3j away, continue your journey… thats all. Push-X lost 0 freighters to ganks during the 90% drop event and these bears are providing juicy salt here instead of learning from other haulers!!

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