BSOD caused profile to be deleted

After experiencing a dreaded BSOD when playing Eve, upon logging back in, all my settings had been reset.

Usually this is the result of the profile being forgotten, so I happily clicked on my usual profile but alas! All settings had been reset on this profile.

I had to dig around in my file folders to find a far olden profile, load that then spent hours tinkering with it until my client got back to how I like it set up.

How did a BSOD manage to reset all settings on my normal profile?

It just does. The best and only way to mitigate this is to save the settings folder into a separate archive and update it every now and then when you made change to your UI, block lists, market quick lists and so on.

Computers break. Keep better backups of your PC.

Yep, made a back-up now
Luckily the other profile copy I found in a folder wasn’t too old!

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