Bug: Neutral Standing icon broken

Though at first, it may sound silly to post this, but there’s actually some useful things that could be done with it.

In overview settings, I’m talking about the Neutral Standings icon, which is different than the Has No Standings icon. The Neutral Standings icon does not work, even when it is moved to the top of the Appearances tab and done at the corporate or private level.

Even though the default icon for Neutral Standings is the same as no standings, the background color can be changed to another color like blue, green, red, etc… So, this way a carebear corp, in an enemy alliance, could pay your CEO to set them as neutral blue (don’t shoot), and the CEO instruct the member to put neutral blue at the top of the Appearances tab. Anyone looking at the standings would simply see the gray neutral icon, thus allowing the carebear corp to keep it a secret while the extorting corp can easily know not to shoot the bears.

There are many more ways that this could be used.

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