New Alliance set another Alliance to yellow?

This is my alt. I joined a new alliance in Null. They have another alliance set to yellow on the alliance overview. I am told its diplomatic setting, never heard of this before. I like my overview took a long time to get it the way I want. lol How do I set my overview to be like the alliance overview and show this other alliance yellow on my overview. I have searched everwhere no luck.

You can set the colour people with certain standings appear in your Overview Settings.

Your overview settings should follow the standings you have to people, including the standings you have to people as result of your alliance standings.

An example:

  • My alliance is at war with Fraternity. and has them set to -10 (Terrible Standing)
  • And I see that my alliance is also not on friendly terms with Snuffed Out, and has set them to -5 (Bad Standing)
  • I have no personal standings to either of those groups

Because of my current overview settings and my alliance standings, those two groups show up as respectively red and orange to me:


Now I am not sure what your alliance uses ‘yellow’ standings for, as the default use for yellow is either suspect or low security status, but since it’s about standings to another alliance guess it’s either neutral or bad standings.

Can you tell me what your alliance standings are to the alliance that is meant to be set to yellow?

If they’re -5.0 to you, make sure ‘Bad standing’ shows yellow. (Is orange by default).
If they’re set 0.0 to you, make sure ‘Neutral Standing’ shows yellow. (Is white by default).

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Easiest way: Import the overview settings of a corpmate.

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True, importing overview settings of someone else is easiest.

But sometimes it’s nice to know how these things work, so you can adjust your own overview settings. And I get the feeling that Kira doesn’t want to change their entire overview, just this setting.

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Learning and understanding is the aim of our support here, you’re right.

This was a rather complicated part of my learning efforts. First lesson: You can import and export settings. After that you have to find out about ruling, overruling, different tabs and so on. That’s not easy even for a veteran. And if a corp wants an uniform overview, copying is the most reliable way to make it work.

Edit: EVE Uni info to go deeper if wanted.


Thank you for the info. This is my alt. i have been in game since 2007. I have not lived in null for 10 years. I have never seen yellow standings for another alliance before. I was told it was diplomatic and not to shoot them. I tried the alliance overview and did not like it at all but I may have to live with it so I dont get killed or kill the wrong person. lol

OK, the import works, fine.
And now: Adjust your own tabs. First of all: Save.
Then set up new tabs, try to create an “All” Overview tab, then a tab only showing blinkies or a tab for salvaging purposes. And if your adjustments caused havoc in your current overview, you can reapply a saved state.

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