Bugged Rigging?

Hey Forum look at this:

It might not be obvious straight away but I have equipped the Medium Bay Loading Accelerator II without it taking any calibration cost. Normally I would be happy and probably install a 2nd one (this unit alone takes 300 calibration) but it seems it didn’t give me any DPS bonus either.

So, yeah, this unit wasn’t cheap, if someone could correct this behaviour or give me some isk back i’d be happy.


We are supposed to pat your head to cheer you up?

Send bug report and support ticket to get reimbursed or whatever GM will decide as sufficient.

Pat would be nice! But actually now after 5 min it calibrated correctly. So i guess we can all clap to each other, but mostly to me for bringing this to everyones attention!

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You should run for CSM!

I’ve noticed changes are sometimes taking much longer to appear in the fitting window recently, in some cases the only way to get a newly-installed module to appear at all is to switch to simulated mode and then back again.

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It’s probable due to recent connection issues.

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