Bunch of Cowboys:A Fist Full of ISK (from the Chronicles of New Eden)

---------BEGIN LOG---------------
A/IMB Vulcan
Captains Log # 012-2018

New Eden is a corner of the Universe that’s particularly not conducive for honest earning folks who like to win big. As a new Capsuleer, I’ve had an eye for the mining industry. Initially, I got beat like hell; running and hiding in low sec. Trying to scrape every last m3 to make some ISK. I got ganked, held-up for ransom to about 75M ISK. When I finally got enough to buy and pilot a procurer, I bolted to JITA without hesitation. I thought I was ready for some deep LowSec mining. BUT boy was I wrong. As soon as I filled the Ore holds. My Local Channel Lit-up and 2 VNIs started to tackle me and began pounding. I knew I was toast.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a ship warped in and blasted all my assailants with such ease and grace that Clint Eastwood would wet his trousers seeing the stunt unfolding before me. I flashed a message at the local channel begging for my life and ship. Only silence answered me. I didn’t know what to do. So I warped my ass out of that system like there was no tomorrow.

A couple of days later, after selling my ores at Jita, I received a cryptic message that gave me coordinates to a particular system. I set my Navigation to the destination and Jumped not knowing where fate would lead me. After my warp engines halted, I saw the ship that saved my hid a couple of days back. He asked if I had a discord channel. I answered in the affirmative. The speakers cracked and out came a grizzled but calm voice. He said, “Do you wanna make it big?” I promptly answered, " Hell yeah!!" He then answered, sell everything you have and meet me 3 days after at these coordinates. "

When I checked at the coordinates, It was leading to uncharted space, NULLSEC, the screen indicated. When I tried to inquire. The ship simply vanished. I began to dispose my assests and got my self a Crucifier hoping that this mystery man would lead me to fortune. As I end this log I am entering the rendezvous point which is at the edge of HiSec. Fingers Crossed. MUSASHI OUT!!

Capt. Musashi Matsudaira
A/IMB Vulcan
-------------END LOG----------------

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