Burn ALL

The economy EVE has obviously stagnated.
In order to rectify this situation, I propose to destroy all the property of the players. Given that the number of players has decreased, I propose to cut the number of systems in half. Also,
Philometes need to be removed from the game. The presence of an instant teleport removes the need to transport light cargo.

P.S: All property losses of more than trillions can be compensated by a 2-year subscription, skillpoints and Blueprint T2

Why burn anything if you’re just going to compensate players afterwards?

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Not at all, the price of stuff keeps going up. From a Capitalist standpoint the economy is healthy as a bull.

You’re free to destroy your property if you like but mine will be destroyed in combat. You can always contract your stuff to me if you don’t want it anymore.:smiley:

How do you come up with such bad ideas, by flipping a coin?

So far I think it’s you who should be removed from the game.

So this is really a ploy by rich players to render the rest of us poor capsuleers even poorer.
I might’ve known :unamused:

Let the triglavians burn Jita and Perimeter and take over then give all the confiscated assets and ISK to @Iceacid_Frostpacker so he becomes the new overlord of hisec. :blush:

ahhh, i see whats happening here

Joined Nov 1, '22

You joined a 20 year old game and got butt-hurt that people who have played for longer than you, have more stuff than you.

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So you think Frostpacker is on the inner circle of trust again now?

Come on stop teasing.

/Like what did I do to Princess that was concidered that bad?

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There’s only one person that can answer that question. :wink:

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