Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

someone have any Burner cruor fits except wolf?

Looking for cheap fit for Burner cruour except Wolf. and cheap fit dor burner talos except Enyo and Deimos.

Ok. LF ANY fit for cruor except WOLF and taloses except Enyo and Deimos.

Harpy costs about 45 million:

4x Light Neuron Blasters II

1 MN Y-S8 AB
Small C5-L shield overload

3 Mag. Stabilizers

1 small Anti Kinetic shield
1 small Hybrid Burst Aerator

Void ammo

No need to overheat, 402 dps, 2800 speed with mwd, orbit at 3000 after switching to AB., 85% kin resist and 39 sig rad., orbit wrecks at 1000 m with AB active.

Takes awhile to adjust to the speed flying through all the sentry guns, hence the shield rep, but after some practice can be done in under 8 minutes. Have never come close to dying with this fit and no issues breaking the tank of the Talos. I use no implants that help in any way, so it is possible to get more dps and speed and maybe do this faster.

new trig AF, but that’s not cheap

scroll up to OP for a vagabond fit

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Major update 21.08.2019

All Details and actual layouts at
Full Burner mission guide with more details and alternative layouts

Introduction of the Nergal, the one to rule them all (almost). The Nergal is extremely versatile because of its natural resistance and ramp up DPS but the ramp up is also the downside because killing more than one target costs time. In principle the Nergal can do any Frigate class Burner Mission but i will only post layouts in which it is faster than the current option. Bonus it is a unified layout always the same rigs but different setups so you need only one Nergal.

Nergal usage

  • [Burner Cruor - Blood Agent]
  • [Burner Daredevil - Serpentis Agent]
  • [Burner Enyo - Gallente Agent] fitting changed added an AB
  • [Burner Jaguar - Matari Agent] fitting changed added an AB

Introduction of pimped layouts for a some ships. Pimped layouts offer fastest finishing but are very expansive. Use them at your own risk.

  • [Burner Worm - Gurista Agent]
  • [Burner Talos - Serpentis Base]

Changed the fittings for Burner Enyo and Jaguar slightly.

And because lots of people asked

Yes, you can use the Nergal with the correct fitting to fly any Frigate class Burner Mission.

No, i won’t post further fittings think for yourself.


The new guide says overheating doesn’t speed up the entropic disintegrator firing so doesn’t increase DPS? but damn, that’s quite the repair bill for a small t2 module. thank goodness for free reps in citadels or sitting in tether a minute or two!

looks like you don’t have the escort dramiel stats.

burner escort dramiel
Burner Escort Dramiel(35689) group=Mission Generic Frigates(818) category=Entity(11)
	targetAttack(10)category=2 [is_offensive]
		range(54)=1000.0 m
		falloff(158)=10000.0 m
		tracking speed(160)=1.5 ø
		duration(51)=2000.0 ms
		discharge(6)=0.0 GJ
	missileLaunchingForEntity(569)category=2 [is_offensive]
		duration(506)=3000.0 ms
	modifyTargetSpeed2(575)category=2 [is_offensive]
		 ItemModifier : targetID.Maximum Velocity ?op6 -60.0
		range(514)=18000.0 m
		duration(513)=20000.0 ms
		discharge(515)=0.0 ø
	entityShieldBoosting(5371)category=1 Entity shield boosting effect for tanking NPCs
		duration(636)=2500.0 ø
	warpScrambleTargetMWDBlockActivationForEntity(5928)category=2 [is_offensive]
		 ItemModifier : targetID.Warp Scramble Status ADD 2.0
		 LocationRequiredSkillModifier : targetID. ADD 1.0
		EffectStopper target
		EffectStopper target
		range(103)=16000.0 m
		duration(505)=10000.0 ms
		discharge(6)=0.0 GJ
	mass(4)=750000.0 kg
	hp(9)=2200.0 hp
	charge(18)=0.0 GJ
	maxVelocity(37)=2900.0 m/s
	capacity(38)=235.0 m³
	rechargeRate(55)=500000.0 ms
	damageMultiplier(64)=15.0 ×
	agility(70)=0.9 ×
	scanSpeed(79)=3000.0 ms
	explosiveDamage(116)=12.0 hp
	kineticDamage(117)=2.4 hp
	volume(161)=19700.0 m³
	radius(162)=25.0 ø
	maxLockedTargets(192)=6.0 ø
	maxAttackTargets(193)=6.0 ø
	scanRadarStrength(208)=0.0 points
	scanLadarStrength(209)=30.0 points
	scanMagnetometricStrength(210)=0.0 points
	scanGravimetricStrength(211)=0.0 points
	missileDamageMultiplier(212)=4.0 ×
	propulsionGraphicID(217)=397.0 ø
	gfxTurretID(245)=13776.0 ø
	gfxBoosterID(246)=397.0 ø
	entityAttackRange(247)=50000.0 ø
	entityLootCountMin(250)=0.0 ø
	entityLootCountMax(251)=1.0 ø
	entitySecurityStatusKillBonus(252)=0.035 ×
	shieldCapacity(263)=3000.0 hp
	shieldCharge(264)=0.0 ø
	armorHP(265)=2200.0 hp
	armorEmDamageResonance(267)=0.34 ×
	armorExplosiveDamageResonance(268)=0.765 ×
	armorKineticDamageResonance(269)=0.638 ×
	armorThermalDamageResonance(270)=0.552 ×
	shieldEmDamageResonance(271)=0.649 ×
	shieldExplosiveDamageResonance(272)=0.324 ×
	shieldKineticDamageResonance(273)=0.389 ×
	shieldThermalDamageResonance(274)=0.519 ×
	entityFlyRange(416)=3200.0 ø
	entityEquipmentMin(456)=0.0 ø
	entityEquipmentMax(457)=1.0 ø
	entityReactionFactor(466)=0.6 ø
	entityAttackDelayMin(475)=500.0 ø
	entityAttackDelayMax(476)=1000.0 ø
	shieldRechargeRate(479)=625000.0 ms
	entityKillBounty(481)=5000000.0 ø
	capacitorCapacity(482)=1250.0 GJ
	shieldUniformity(484)=0.75 ø
	entityDefenderChance(497)=0.1 ø
	entityWarpScrambleChance(504)=1.0 ø
	entityMissileTypeID(507)=2512.0 id
	entityCruiseSpeed(508)=1200.0 m/s
	modifyTargetSpeedChance(512)=1.0 ø
	armorUniformity(524)=0.75 ø
	structureUniformity(525)=1.0 ø
	signatureRadius(552)=13.0 m
	entityFactionLoss(562)=0.0 ø
	entitySecurityMaxGain(563)=5.0 ø
	scanResolution(564)=2000.0 mm
	entityChaseMaxDelay(580)=10000.0 ø
	entityChaseMaxDelayChance(581)=0.75 ø
	entityChaseMaxDuration(582)=10000.0 ms
	entityChaseMaxDurationChance(583)=1.0 ø
	optimalSigRadius(620)=40.0 m
	entityGroupRespawnChance(640)=1.0 ø
	missileEntityVelocityMultiplier(645)=1.5 ×
	missileEntityFlightTimeMultiplier(646)=1.5 ×
	entityChaseMaxDistance(665)=9000.0 m
	entityBracketColour(798)=1.0 ø
	disallowAssistance(854)=1.0 bool
	hullEmDamageResonance(974)=0.4 ×
	hullExplosiveDamageResonance(975)=0.4 ×
	hullKineticDamageResonance(976)=0.4 ×
	hullThermalDamageResonance(977)=0.4 ×
	AI_TargetSwitchTimer(1416)=10000.0 ms
	AI_ShouldUseTargetSwitching(1648)=1.0 ø
	AI_ShouldUseSecondaryTarget(1649)=1.0 ø
	AI_ShouldUseSignatureRadius(1650)=1.0 ø
	AI_ChanceToNotTargetSwitch(1651)=0.75 ×
	AI_TankingModifierDrone(1656)=1.5 ø
	entityOverviewShipGroupId(1766)=25.0 group
	entityShieldBoostAmountPerSecond(1893)=70.0 hp

OH the entropic disintegrator does increase the DPS but NOT the rate of fire. As the DPS ramps up per cycle no increase of the rate of fire means no speed up of the ramp up.

L4 highsec hubs are being spammed by nergal bots. 23hr/day, always align 10sec after undocking,

In my area: all named [ 000 ] Nergal; two corps of ~10 each; both corps created 2019/08/10, all pilots created roughly a week prior. 99% sure it’s the same person (group?) that had a massive L4 distro botnet going (same ship/pilot naming convention) in this area.

This toon is about to become a gankalt methings :B

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just report these bots before they ■■■■ up the market

I don’t know who is bot and who is not.

I also notice a lot of people farming a lot of time. (like 90% of the time I connect, on random hours, I see them). In nergals too.

edit : I just logged in, made a few jjumps and there was litterally zero orange.
edit : ok there was one but not bot-like (I orange every player/corp that is ca competitor)

ah, I see. cool… glad it’s not pointless that CCP made them overheatable, then! :slight_smile:

Is that so… I just saw my first Nergal on a gate or station in the flesh… and it was named “01” and it was on a L4 station near Amarr. hm.

Update 12.10.2019
Burner Mission Guide

Introduction of Jori’s pimped layouts. I’m using this exact layouts to run the Burner missions. The layouts offer fastest finishing but are often unstable, expansive, micro intensive and best used with all V skills. Use them at your own risk.

  • Pirate Burner

[Burner Dramiel - Jori vs Dramiel]
[Burner Succubus - Jori vs Succubus]
[Burner Worm - Jori vs Worm]
[Burner Cruor - Jori vs Cruor]
[Burner Daredevil - Jori vs Daredevil]

  • Team Burner

[Burner Hawk - Jori vs Hawk]
[Burner Vengeance - Jori vs Vengeance]
[Burner Enyo - Jori vs Enyo]
[Burner Jaguar - Jori vs Jaguar]

  • Base Burner

Burner Ashimmu - Jori vs Ashimmu (coming soon, it will be Drekavac or Ikitursa)
[Burner Talos - Jori vs Talos]
[Burner Escort Dramiel - Jori vs Escort Dramiel]


nice, I just upgraded my PC so hopefully will be back to actually doing stuff in game soon


Is it possible to do the Angel Burner (Dramiel) with a Nergal? I gave it a shot with a build from the guide by Jori & Chainsaw, but I simply couldn’t track the guy with either ammo type. Tried both 2x Web and 1x Web /w AB, made no difference, even with heat. It’s the same build, only difference is a resist hardener for the mission. Anyway, I can always escape by sacrificing a drone, so it really wasn’t an issue messing around with it. I haven’t tried a tracking script yet. I’m not sure if it would do anything at all, really. I don’t have the skills to use a Daredevil. I could try a pimped Succubus, but I really wouldn’t want to lose it. Can it still work if I fit a Stabilizer or are those a complete meme now? I haven’t played the game in years. And when I do play, I just AFK in my Golem, doing level 4s. LIVING THE DREAM. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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try the succubus on sisi ?

I considered doing that, even before giving it a shot with the Nergal (thankfully I applied exactly 0 damage and the drones were far more threatening, so I could bail), but I don’t have access to the server. Don’t really know how it works. I assume CCP copy active characters every x months and those can be used, or maybe I did something wrong? I simply can’t log in with it. That aside, would you know if it’s possible to do it with a Nergal? Maybe max skills, tracking stuff? Don’t know if drugs that help with tracking exist.

ok so how it works :

  • download pyfa
  • simulate your fit

there are two cases :

  • either you can dictate range and so, keeping the burner at range < its orbit range , or > its range, will ensure you have a perfect tracking on it. For this you need to web it to a lower speed than you will go when it webs you. you can check its values here it orbits at 500m so keeping it at range 2000m for example should reduce its angular a lot.
    it has a base 2100 m/s and a -60% web so *0.4 speed on you. if you have one web 60% then you need to go above 2100 m/s with AB to dictate range, with a second web you need over 1005 m/s to dicatte range.
  • in the case you can’t dictate range, it will then orbit you with at 500m with 2100 m/s, with a signature of 11m. You can then enter this value in pyfa, and it will tell you how much DPS you do.

a nergal with two webs, an AB can go without implants to 1014 m/s so this should make you able to dictate range. setting your range at 4 000 m should allow you to track it perfectly.
I can also make a fit that can tank the dramiel for 2 minutes, without the perfect skills. It’s a bit expensive, but yes theoretically that is possible - assuming you kill it within two minutes.

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