Burner proving grounds as a replacement/relaunch for the old 1v1 arena at the end of abyssal sites

I agree

I want the old arena back, it did not have collusion or alt farming etc…

Yesterday I had a situation where I thought “I want the old arena back”. When I was fighting a full distruptor fitted Naga in the 2v2 BC event. These Nagas did not have any tank fitted. That kind of stuff would never have made it to the old arena because of the pve part.

Even tough this has been more than a year ago, the old arena still needs to return to the game. There was no reason to take it away. @CSM bring that up to CCP, do your best to bring it back.

The reason why it was taken away is that there were only a very small number of people taking advantage of it. They decided to shift it to the arenas now. We’ve talked about this with them, but I do not believe it’s ever coming back in the old form.

What do you mean by taking advantage of it? I mean, how could someone take advantage of the old arena? As far I know it had a similar mechanic like FW sites. Were there also ppl entering the sites with alts in throw away ships to grab the loot like it is done in the new arena, especially in free for all formats? Also, there are more parts of the game that only a few players enjoy. An example that was mentioned in this and other posts about the old arena were Forward operation bases or the hypernet(which is used a lot by spam bots in Jita local).

“By taking advantage of” I was saying “actually use it.”

Almost no one was using it. The folks who did loved it, but they were a tiny fraction of folks running abyssals. This is why it was removed and repurposed.

ahh ok, thought you were meaning that ppl abused it.

Was the thing with the request for “general” PVP encounters in the Abyss discussed too? Ever since the old arena was removed, several posts about PVP encounters in Abyssal Deadspace came up either here on the forums or reddit. I thought that all that lead to the introduction of the old arena.

Here are just 2 forum posts about that, both came up in 2021

All cruiser sized ships can enter(including Ikitursa

stopped reading here

why? That nod a good idea?

I am not quite sure if I want to have it back with a separate filament, given that some of the events CCP does end up beeing very dead. An example was the Kikimora 3v3.

Returning the arena in the way before 2020 would lead to some Gilas taking the wrong gate and getting dumpstered, but that happens only to a very small amount of players I think. So there is no reason to remove content that people enjoy when only a hand full of players accidentally enter the site and die.

Idk what the point was of removing them, only because a low amount of ppl used it seems weird, other content gets left alone if no one or only a few use it. I wanna see it back again

same thing here!

Sounds like a good idea, but I prefer that it comes back the way we had it before, direct entrance with filament allows too many cancerous fits in these arenas, unless CCP puts some restrictions there.

+1 for balanced Abyss arena as a permanent type of PvP activity

That idea sounds cool, but it better comes back behind the abyssal site, because otherwhise there would be too many troll fits

I know this thread is over one year old, but the idea to bring the old arena back still sounds great these days. Removing content that is only used by a small amount of players or because the meta is stale is bad. Games should have niche content like the old arena.

These new filaments don’t even come close to the fun in the old arena

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Watched old arena videos, it looks fun, so yes bring it back

Thanks for all the feedback about returning the old arena so far. I am impressed that the discussion on that is still going on after nearly 2 years since it got removed.