Burner proving grounds as a replacement/relaunch for the old 1v1 arena at the end of abyssal sites

It would also take me wonder how they did the halloween environment. Here again, new graphics had to be added.

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yes this I loved the old proving grounds but theese new ones dont last long enough


yeah, there was nearly a month gap between the last event of quadrant 3 and the crimson harvest one.

just saw someone posting the link of your thread somewhere, I fully support that

by the way, ressource wars are gone too now :frowning:

By the way, I have updated the main post after rethinking the system a bit.

After having seen the things happening in the events(collusion/mass queuing with alts), I came to the conclusion, that this system would better be accessible throught the old way(i.E. At the end of tier 3 abyssal sites and higher, maybe exclude tier 6).

As we have seen with all the events, population decreases shortly after start, and so it will when this gets introduced. This means, that it can become very lucrative to farm with alts. As you always enter the arena and don’t enter a queue, it is very easy to match yourself up against your alts. CCP banned this from the events, but having controll in my system on that is very difficult. Either you enter this arena by the same way as the events, but this ends up with horrible long queue times or you enter it directly and wait inside for an opponent, which is better as it can be expected that not that many people will do them.

Another thing some people don’t get, is that the idea is not to remove the new events at all, it is to have both the events and the old arena.

I have heard from some people that never did the old arena, that want it back too. Others say that there was really no point at all in removing them.

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I can confirm that, after the crimson harvest ffa thing I talked with some players, all want the old arena back

exactly same thought

I miss old proving. I stopped playing the day it closed.

Amount of players that want the old arena back is increasing, check out the poll that is linked above.