Burner proving grounds as a replacement/relaunch for the old 1v1 arena at the end of abyssal sites

Eve online is a game full of interconnectedness and player vs player sandboxing. Your filament suggestion essentially creates instanced content.

Perhaps instead of this you might suggest a kind of Concord sanctioned ‘arena duels’ where pilots can go up against each other and go up the rankings with their kills so they face better and better opponents for better and better rewards. People can watch, but if trying to jump in gets them insta popped by some kind of super laser (after all, the empires have sanctioned this so they can put their weight behind it in one single location).

We have instanced content already, they are called proving ground filaments, but these were stopped by CCP wihtout any announcement

The request to bring the old arena back is still vaild these days. Especially since the proving grounds have been stopped without any news item.

On January 12 the proving grounds come back with a 1v1 destroyer event, found on Hoboleaks, request to return the 2nd gate in the last room remains vaild though

Sadly the Proving grounds do not come back like announced on SISI, which is sad and dissapointing. C’mon CCP, bring at least the events back!

Why should ppl go to low and null for pvp when they can just queue for it in high sec :slight_smile: i mean some content will probably die down if queuing for arenas etc. are introduced.

All other content would need to be fixed and made more interesting first imo :slight_smile:

The answer to this is that different people like different things.

I want to fight in the arena, but not everyone does. My taking part in the arena isn’t going to significantly change how much I fight in other areas - although it would probably bring me back from the other games I’ve been playing instead.

If it doesn’t come back; I guess my subscription is likely to lapse again.