Business Oriented Pilots

I’ve had an urge to develop an idea regarding /economics/finance/accounting/logistics/corp governance into reality. I’m looking for players that are interested in that aspect of EVE that enjoy crunching numbers and brainstorming. Trading isn’t necessarily the objective. If anyone is looking to follow that route, please feel free to message me in-game and we can discuss the details.

I would prefer a background in business IRL, but anyone willing to put in some work would be more than welcome.

Fly safe,


Sent you a mail in game

I’m interested. I’ve been away from the game since 2012, got tired of all the arse holes. However, been watching some freighter / hauler videos and thought about coming back. I have an alt that is a Hulk / Orca pilot for mining and I plan on training this guy for hauling freight (aka Eve Truck Driver).


I’m curious and I could be interested. I have a background of IT applied to finances. Send me an eve-mail.

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