[Buyback][Sinq-Laison] Grumpy Badger Buyback

Some may say the glory days of Walt Dixie World (Dodixie) are behind us, but less is true! With Rupee Rue back in local, the Federation Navy and its fighters roars in their war with the Caldari State! Mission runners, miners and industrialists are prevalent all over Sinq-Laison. And now, with the Grumpy Badger Buyback program, isk will hopefully flow into the pockets of these hard workers more easily.

In short - I am buying anything, anywhere (NPC) in or near Sinq-Laison, with price depending on high-sec (~90% Jita buy) or low-sec. I reserve the right to reject items which have volatile or unclear prices, such as cosmetics. Minimum per order of 1 billion isk

Reply below or message me ingame, preferably with an appraisal link (https://janice.e-351.com/) and the location, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Grumpy Badger is always looking for a good deal

Fly safe!

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Daily bump

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