Buying Omega time - Payment screen refresh

After I choose the 1-month option and it goes to the payment screen…it starts refreshing over and over. Never seen this before. CCP issues?

I’m having the same problem. not matter what I do, as soon as i get to the payment screen it auto refreshes. When you click stop, its blank after that. im using firefox quantum with no add-ons.

Just an edit to be clear. It starts a refresh loop that won’t stop unless stopped by the user or redirected.

Update: i went back to Firefox 56.0.2 with no add-ons and everything works fine now. there is no info my google-fu could find about this problem other then some random blog post about cloud flare having this bug. and i know CCP uses that so maybe something there. idk but annoying all the same.

it would be really nice if someone with CCP or something could tell me / us more about this. but i think i have a better chance winning the lotto seeing as this topic was dead.

so if anyone needs help with this. google older versions for firefox or [enter browser here] it worked for me. make sure any ad-ons you have are OFF / disabled. And dont down load browsers from places that are not the parent company. Mozilla makes firefox so you would go get an older version from them, NOT the first thing that pops up in google. same idea applies to every other browser.

Having the same problem.

I want to give you money but it is becoming very difficult.

Never had this problem until I installed the steam client. Maybe this is it?

I have the same problem!

Please take my money ç_ç

The problem there is on Chrome 65 and Firefox (Quantum) 59

Also having this problem!

Can confirm that changing browser works, I changed from Firefox to chrome

Firefox Dev - No worky
Chrome - No Worky
Edge - Worky

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I can confirm that it’s still a problem

any fixes out there?

This is still happening in chrome. The latest of chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit). Please help i hate using Edge it is really bad browser. Thank you in advance.

This is happening to me in BOTH Chrome and Firefox. I’m also having a problem linking my account to amazon.

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