[C4 WH PVP] The Inf3cted - US/EU - Small gang WH pvp corp

**We are [The Inf3cted](https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98640845/), a C4 US/EU tz wormhole PVP corp.**
  • In-Game Pub Channel: Incubation Room
  • Discord Pub Channel: Comms Link

Our primary focus is small gang PVP/wormhole hunting with C3/C5 ratting, assorted industry, and market PVP for isk flow. We’re a small but growing group of content finders with a rich network of allies and frenemies, so there’s always content to be had.

What We Provide

  • All standard citadel services (clone bay / industry)
  • Shield skirmish doctrine for roaming the chain
  • Heavy Armor doctrine for WH brawls
  • Growing interest in ESS raiding
  • Structure bashes occasionally, lots of allies for mutual batphones
  • Excellent payouts for scouts that find kills (you get first pick of the loot)
  • Tech stack is Pathfinder for mapping, Discord for comms, and an ever-growing web of spreadsheets and automation for industry & administration

What We Expect

  • Omega status, basic wormhole exploration knowledge, and nontrivial pvp experience. We’re more than happy to train pilots in the finer art of wormholing, but you should at least know the basics.
  • We expect our pilots to be professional on the battlefield, but internally we have a mature, friendly, and tight-knit community that’s here’s to blow ■■■■ up and have a good time. Our discord is consistently stocked with memes and discussions on fittings / tactics, and our corp motto is “always undock, always take the bait”.

If any of this sounds a good time, come find us in the public channels listed above.

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