Cabarosa data breach

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As a resident of a Fedmart station in Placid, I am concerned that details of my restaurant preferences and other spending habits may have fallen into the wrong hands. If any other IGS users are in the same position, I would be happy to discuss a class action.

Oh I’m sure Blaque the Great will get to the bottom of these cybersecurity threats, if the Federal government really cares that much I mean. But given their track record for protecting life in Placid, I would not hold my breath if I were you.


Yeah…If you ask me it be more effective to take actual action against this group doing the breaches than trying to file some frivolous lawsuit.

I might keep my ears open for anything on this “Cabaorsa” bunch and pay them a visit in due time.

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Cybersecurity threat you say? Hmm. Very, very interesting.

Well… If anyone just so happens to be involved in this I for one would be more than happy to, eh, compare methods. Perhaps even join this Cabarosa if they are looking for new members. I have more than a bit of experience in cyber operations and security.

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No comment.


I dont think anything could hurt the reputation of capsuleers.


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