Caldari Badger Ship

Hi, I just received a Caldari Badger ship today and wanted to know how do I fit the proper weapons on the ship ? I’m kind of noobish at this game still thank you. I just wanna fit pve weapons

A Badger is a transport ship (referred to in EvE as an “industrial” / “hauler”) and usually doesn’t have weapons.

Occasionally something like a “Battle Badger” fit will be made just to try and surprise in the hope a “harmless” industrial can take someone out before they kill it.

ohh okay… i also got a caldari frigate that i’d like some assistance with for pve fitting which i don’t know how to do that.

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What’s the name of the frigate?

Don’t bother fitting weapons on your hauling ships. There are some meme fits out there, but for the most part, you won’t do enough damage to accomplish anything. Better to devote your fitting resources to tank and/or slipperiness.

As for fitting guidance, it’s probably better to ask for fits for a particular ship and activity (i.e. can anyone give me fits for a merlin for level 1 missions). Alternatively, you can post a fit, say what you intend to use it for, and then ask for feedback.

However, some general fitting guidelines are:

  • Don’t mix weapons types- damage mods only increase the dmg of one type of weapon
  • Don’t mix long range and short range weapons- better to do a lot of damage at a particular range, and then fight in that range, than do crappy damage at all ranges. Speaking of which, most weapon systems have long range and short range variants (i.e. Hybrid Blasters and Hybrid Rail Guns).
  • Damage Application- Try to fit one or two damage application mods to help you apply damage. Webs are good for brawlers, and Computers and Enhancers are good for those who fight outside of web range.
  • Don’t mix armor/shield/hull tanks- various mods tanking mods synergize with other mods, which makes them more effective than they’d otherwise be. Better to devote fitting resources to creating those synergies that throwing random crap together. For example, Core Defense Field Extender rigs provide a multiplicative bonus to shield HP, which includes the HP provided by Shield Extender mods. Moreover, the Multispectrum hardeners increase shield resists, but only shield resists.
  • Don’t compromise fits for questionable utility- I sometimes see guys compromise their fits in order to slap on things like unecessary cloaking devices, warp core stabs, tractor beams, and/or salvagers. Cloaking devices and stabs carry big penalties, and should only be fit when necessary. If you have room for a tractor beam or salvager, and want to do some salvaging, then I suppose that’s fine. But please don’t leave guns off your ship just to fit them. You’re probably going to be better off running the content with an optimal fit, making bookmarks, and then using a noctis or dedicated salvaging destroyer to salvage all the sites/pockets.
  • Range Control- Range control is super important in this game as it helps you to fight within your preferred range, and hopefully keep your enemy outside of his. As such, most fits have an Afterburner or MWD fit. Unless you know what you are doing, you should probably fit one or the other.
  • Train your support skills- Support skills may not be glamorous, but they can make a huge difference to ship performance.

Also, shield buffer tanks (as much shield EHP as possible) tend to work well on caldari ships, and are newbro friendly. Passive (maximize passive shield recharge) and active shield (use cap to repair shield HP) tanks also tend to work well, but they’ll also be harder on your capacitor. So, you’ll probably want to train up your cap skills a bit before trying those out.

Oh, and brawlers tend to do more damage, but also tend to take more damage. Moreover, they have to fight inside a lot of enemy ewar range. Kiters can mitigate a lot of damage and stay outside of a lot of enemy ewar, but tend to do less damage. Kiters tend to have worse isk/efficiency because it takes them longer to kill rats, but kiting tends to be a better strategy for newbros with poorer character skills. If you want to get up in the rat’s faces and do blistering damage, by all means, make a brawling fit. But if you have no preference, try out kiting fits with long range weapons first.

The name of the ship is Kestrel. I got rid of my hauling ship. A user recommended I take that one instead. So I bought it, but am not sure how to use weapons on that one.

Here is a few fits. I wish I could help more but I have no experience with the Kestrel.

join a newbie friendly corp to learn the basics

maybe join EVE uni?

yes, very good idea

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