CALDARI Ships's names

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Unfortunately I don’t know is it suitable place or not to ask you about it:

I’ve always been interested why most of the Сaldari’s ships are named after all sorts of birds and other winged creatures. But some still have names unrelated to this, like Caracal, Cerberus, Kitsune, Kirin, maybe I forgot who else. In general, I am very curious why this is so =)

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maybe its just wild animals/creatures in general. Caracal is a cat, kitsune is a type of fox. Kirin is a mythical japanese creature, and i shouldn’t have to specify what Cerberus is.

There’s indeed a naming scheme to ships of each race.

Cerberos, Kirin, and Kitsune are sort of exceptions to the Caldari scheme, being mythological rather than actual animals?

Though now that I think of it, possibly the winged creatures are/were also myths for the Caldari, given that their planet of origin is not exactly hospitable.

I’m just going to connect some dots really lazily and assume it is from Caldari religion, Wayism, which among other things sees the concept of winds as divine/spiritual.

So, because wind, air and sky are religiously important = birds, real or mythical, are popular names for things. Kitsune and Kirin likely come from the Japanese background inspiration for the Caldari.


You just might. “#DisruptTexts” is a thing. They’re removing the Western canon from curricula.

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