Caldari War Recruitment Drive

My fellow capsuleers, I have operated as a quiet investor from the relative quiet of Tuuriainas and a shell company, the Veldspar Valuation Corporation. The time has never been better to use our skills, wealth, and abilities to take some authority from the lesser corporations. The time has never been better to make deals and become a part of the community of greater corporations. I am seeking military leaders to help me pull together the Veldspar Valuation Corporation into a cohesive fighting force. I am seeking soldiers willing to risk themselves on the field so long as we fund the ships. In the short term, we can fight for glory and train ourselves in the Caldari-Gallente war. In the long run I hope to fund this venture through treaties brokered with the lesser station owners in Caldari space.

Join for honor. Join for glory. Join for integrity. Join for whatever your passion. But be sure that every member in this new collective will benefit from a future forged by us.

In the meantime, should any established capsuleers know of news services where we may spread word of our recruitment drive, please be in touch. We need to reach as many minds as possible for a brighter tomorrow.

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Truly an impeccable name, sure to inflict terror in the hearts of your opponents. If your opponents just happen to be asteroid minerals.

But be it Veldspar, Pyroxeres or Kernite that you evaluate, freedom will prevail. For the Federation!


The element of surprise will serve us well. The federation is like any other enemy, it will flee to preserve itself once we strike.

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Unfortunately, non threatening names don’t usually have that effect…

Deitra Vess,
Ceo of Non-Hostile Target PMC
Protectorate Ensign, StaPro


Best of luck on your venture, Mr. Shattersky. Just remember, though, that the idea of a great rout is one that rarely comes to reality.

If I may, you may wish to contact Edward Adams, call sign ‘MantelGlobalIndustries,’ for advice on how to integrate into the warzone and the best ways to begin the transition.

As always, long-term sustainability is difficult to achieve, but the most valuable trait a Capsuleer auxiliary can aim for.

Best of luck!


Thank you for that. I will make that contact as soon as possible. Though VEVC has not yet been accepted into Caldari State militia, I have no doubt it will be, and no doubt that every soldier we recruit will prove to be a valuable member of the militia. This is an interesting transitional period, moving from the hustle and bustle of the orbital trade networks, and out into the fight. I myself have already watched several ships go up in flames, but it has only strengthened my resolve to take the fight to the Gallente war machine.

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The battlefield is a great place to find yourself! The markets undoubtedly make good money but the glory to be had from combat can trump all of that. The money is just icing on the cake.

While i don’t serve the Caldari militia - and in fact engage them if i feel like bashing my head against another Capsuleer - i have high hopes your organization will find a way to leave it’s market on the warzone. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other and have a brawl, eh?

As one warrior to another - I advise heavily in looking into a Kestrel-class frigate doctrine. Cheap, deadly and iconic in Caldari culture. The kestrel is perfect for your corporation to start out with much as it was for me when i took my first steps to getting some one on one action with other warriors out in Black Rise.

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Thanks for that advice. I cannot yet call myself a warrior, but I can say that tuning up ships for combat is a lot more challenging than turning them over on a market. The Kestrel has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

Perhaps we’ll meet out there. And perhaps in time you’ll join the right side.

You just need to get out there and get some experience in the field. Embrace your immortality as a Capsuleer and get out there and put yourself in harms way. Get out there, take over those novice-level complexes - Either set up shop in one or kick out whoever is in it. Either by just showing up or going in there and removing him yourself.

I’ve set you up with a contract of ten Kestrels. My preferred fitting for them. Duel webbed, armor and plenty of rockets to toss at whatever you go up against.Check out this Galnet document compiled by a Capsuleer with expert knowledge on the vessel. If you see a ship on d-scan, quickly pull it up and search it for the name of the ship. you’ll find yourself a brief guide on how to best handle it and what ammo type to use against it - Don’t worry, the kestrels I’ve contracted over have all flavors.

Good luck out there, if you master this craft, you’ll become far more than the pilots that are just in the militia to soak up loyalty vouchers. You’ll be capturing plexes and be ready to defend it if any FDU pilot comes knocking.

I am grateful for all your assistance. I will respond to the contract as soon as possible. This information you’ve given me will give me a great advantage in outfitting. With a little luck I can spread this knowledge to the less effective members of the militia and start tethering together a unified front.

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Once again, good luck to you out there.

Another price of advice is not to be discouraged if you come across an opponent who out matches your skill. If anything, try and strike up a conversation with them in the system’s local router channel after congratulating him on the good fight.

I’ve met and briefly bonded with those I’ve defeated and got slain by. We’re both warriors when we enter battle. We’ve attacked each other not for politics but for a good fight. There’s little reason to be upset with them.

I’ve gained useful knowledge from doing this. A few fittings for other vessels and tactics on how to deploy them. The same can happen with you. Just keep your cool after a victory or defeat and you’ll make some friends out there in the war zone.


Ok, here’s what you want to do: have a couple people train into the Rook, put multi-spectrums, and sit in a medium with a brick tanked Maller as bait. I promise that you will get a fight… and everyone will hate you.



Don’t give out our secrets!


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