Parts from the good book of Veldspar's Laurels

There will be great galactic tremor in future. I have been inactive, but not without reason. One is my illness, but another, more important is to receive a messages from God. I will create alliance fit for godly miners.

Lex of this alliance will be my word and written book knowned and Veldspar’s Laurels.

" Ours is the pride and duty to mine. Should we do it in any force in 0.0, we do good by fitting our ships to be able to combat, for our many enemies stalk us forever and without mercy. "

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*The witch rushes to action, when our mining operations cause him fear. *

-Saying of mining saints

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James v Vaari

I can see it now. Deathmatch of the Cluster.

Of course, the outcome is already a foregone conclusion, but it would be fun to watch.

I do not understand. You suggest some kind of deathmatch.

Lord James, Earl of Halaima VII. He doesn’t take kindly to others mining anything, anywhere. I urge you to take as many safety precautions as you can, Vaari. Once it spreads through Galnet that you’re creating a mining alliance, he’ll be sure to launch an attack on you.

Like Testimony of Martys 61:90 says

Wary of those that wonder.

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Vaari’s wisdoms

He who mines the veldspar with zeal, is the ally of all mankind.

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So this is that Incompetent and Proud guy, right? Sabus.

No. As the Veldspar’s Laures says, this the is the word of living prophet and saint.

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When the miners ar asking
When the miner are asking
“Is the Vaari still alive”?

You can tell them
You can tell them " yah he still alive"

He’s hanging no from tree
he’s hanging from no rope
but unto his dream of miner republic

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*This is the typical raid they send against us to cease our mining. This is what they send…this rabble. We are mining to one of the lucrative belts of the system. The Fury of our drones will send all of our pirate enemies down in flames. We mine united in our thousands. Our drones without numberm our skills without question.

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Nearer my veldspar to thee,
Nearer to ore
Even though it be a ambush
That raiseth me.

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