Call for Investigation!

Faithful of God,

Recently, it was revealed on these very forums, that one certain Minmatar, Melisma Ramijozana, is a spy! Her own agency revealed the fact to the cluster, that she was sent to influence the Faithful in order to turn against Amarr.

I fear she was successful in that goal. The capsuleer alliance, LUMEN, claims to serve God and the Amarr Empire. However, in addition to harboring Ammatar traitors, they also sheltered this heathen, Melisma Ramijozana, in their home. LUMEN allowed this woman into their midsts and allowed her to spread her vile lies and malignant influence for months.

“Archbishop” Constantin Baracca, who styles himself as “Archbishop of the Hinterlands,” which is to say all that is not Amarr, was sleeping with this harlot! How long has she been influencing his so-called ‘ministry’? How has he not been called before the Theology Council? How was such a lapse allowed? Has Ardishapur not seen the dangerous influence exposure to heathens and heretical thought has produced? And they still allow him and his venomous slattern in their domains?

I realize that the Chesham Khan are busy rounding up the heretics on Mishi IV and cannot be everywhere. However, certainly the Theology Council and the MIO must be aware of this horrid breach of security. I pray they will move with all due swiftness to bring those that consort with the enemy to account.

Loyal to King, Empress, and God
Khan Marrek Umbaraeth
Holder of the Northern Arctics, Talidal V

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That’s not a spy when a person openly states a hostile interest:

“Encourage rebellion”.
It’s called sabotage, not espionage.

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What Kim says.

Ramijozana and Corovid Industries are known entities. As a case in point: I’ve published the names myself on this forum, in the Thebeka Hall of Fame thread, and for a good reason. If that does not bother her new friends, I am not sure how much it should change the their perception of her that she is in addition apparently a member of a pacifist circle of some sort.

  1. Who the hell are you?

Pretty sure they said their goal is peace, for which they were soundly mocked.

Also incorrect. His mandate covers certain regions that include significant populations of Faithful. Not to mention that outside of Amarr, the Faith holds almost no authority. That makes him as influential as a traveling salesman on the best of days.

Your best proof of her “deception” is a thread from nearly a year ago?

There’s a reason why this hasn’t been “investigated”. The reason is that it’s dumb.

Melisma has made her position very clear. All one has to do is read her recent threads here. Investigation concluded, we can all go home.

What merit do you have to ask that question others, especially with your history of blatantly trolling in these forums?

For Maker’s sake, learn to read. I was saying she was outright enemy, not a deciever.

Sigh. Is this what we’ve come to?


This is what we always come to. That should be a foregone conclusion by now.


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