[LUMEN] A Plea for Leniency for the Family of Armast Darkar

A Plea for Leniency for the Family of Armast Darkar.

After extended negotiations, LUMEN officials have secured the withdrawal of the notorious criminal Armast Darkar and the majority of his assets and forces. In consideration of this positive step towards peace we the undersigned issue the following request to Consulate Governor Ekroz Salaf, Lord Heir Arim Ardishapur and the relevant members of the Theology Council.

The heretic Armast Darkar fully deserves his banishment. He fully deserves to have his name struck from the Book of Records. He indeed should and will ultimately answer for his crimes against Dam-Amarr. None of this is in dispute; the actions he chose were the wrong ones, but they were each his choice alone. The persecution of those who by chance, happen to be related to him serves no purpose except ensuring that he will have further fodder with which to sway others to his side.

Furthermore, the status of Armast Darkar as a capsuleer makes even the source of his immorality vague: To be a capsuleer is to be exposed to multitudinous lies and heresies; there remains no evidence that his heresy has root in any period of time prior to this exposure. It could even be the result of a defective clone-transfer. Furthermore, his family continues to express absolute revulsion for his actions and have had no part in supporting, aiding, or encouraging him. Even the most rudimentary of investigations should verify beyond a shadow of a doubt his family’s adherence to the Faith and innocence - that they have had no part in his heresies.

Persecuting his family also remains counterproductive; it will only seem to lend credence to his arguments and mislead others into following his errors. Let their continued rejection of his heresy stand as a testament to personal faith and devotion amid troubling circumstances - and to the justness and careful deliberation of the Empire’s justice.

This plea is not made lightly. Members of our alliance fought against Darkar and his allies in both Kahah and Thebeka. We have seen his actions first hand, we were there when he was banished, and we have acted quickly to contain his newest attempts to disrupt the Empire and her subjects: Working to contain and eliminate his attempted inroads to the Mandate. Our actions speak for themselves, showing our dedication to God, the Faith, Empire, Empress, and duty. All of this, however, was his action and his action alone; so we are humbly asking the Ammatar Consulate to either let his family continue to carry out their lives in the Mandate in peace or, if that is impossible, to freely leave the Mandate never to return.

Executrix Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti

Disquisitor Lyra North-Onren

Praefecta Karmilla Pryce, Lady of House Kor-Anashtih

Praefect Garion Avarr, Lord Shirrat

Praefecta Jenniver Karuna

Praefect Umar Ahmad

Praefect Esna Pitoojee


Why does Karmilla go by the name of a pirate and Angel in her signature and not her own house? I mean, it doesn’t exactly paint LUMEN in a good light when making such direct calls to Imperial authorities.


Because I took my husband’s name years before I became a holder.

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Well this is incredibly disappointing.

I cannot believe that I just read an Imperial organization’s attempt to excuse heresy and treason. Nor can I believe that they would lobby for such crimes not to be punished.

And once you did become one, you should have dropped that name. His name carries no weight except in besmirching your standing. And LUMEN’s, considering it is a clear sign of the organization’s inappropriate tolerance towards Angels.

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I’m not going to hide who I am. My record in service and defense of the Empire is publicly available. Furthermore, it makes sense for me to show my support for the notion that individuals are responsible for their own crimes, not those of their family.


Indeed it is.

It would seem the perchant for leniency towards heretics is not purely practiced by members of PIE. How entirely disappointing, yet somehow, unsurprising.

Shut up, Royalist.


I support the Unification, as do my family. I am loyal to my Kingdom and my Empire, which is more than can be said for you or Darkar.


Well, why wouldn’t you? The Kingdom got everything it could possibly hope for in the arrangement and didn’t have to sacrifice anything or face any consequences for its past deeds. Really, the Kingdom is the example for secessionists like Darkar to aspire to.

Real loyalty demands telling hard truths.

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Should the Darkar family require assistance in relocating to free tribal space and finding a new life in freedom, SoE Roughriders is ready to provide.

Elsebeth Rhianon
CEO, SoE Roughriders


I don’t see it as supporting heresy to ask Lord Arim to forgive the family who disavowed their own blood due to his own heresy. If it is in question, have each member of his family brought before a tribunal to publicly disavow Armast Darkar.

He has agreed to withdraw from the Mandate and leave those people in peace, and that would be a blessing to us all. Troublesome capsuleers rarely go so quietly into the night.


I’m Dr. Valate, greatest Sani Sabik capsuleer philosopher of the modern era, and I approve this product and or service.

And yet, isn’t it a basic Amarr principle that it is families that rise and fall? Families that reap the benefits and bear the responsibilities for their members’ actions? Will LUMEN raise the same cry where others ‘who by chance, happen to be related to’ offenders… or even to innocent victims… are wrongfully punished?

Darkar’s family is innocent of his crimes, and should not be punished for them. The same can be said of every child born into slavery in the Empire, with a much stronger case.


Did you not expect this from a corporation that has SFRIM as ticker? :grinning:


As agreed, The Ghosts of Kahah have begun evacuating capsuleer forces from the Ammatar Mandate.


Generational slavery and collective guilt are cornerstones of the Amarr belief system. I see no way of making an exception for this (not all that irregular) case that does not undermine the whole.

What a disgustingly weak response to a blight to the Empire and Faith.

I agree, you really are a weak response to basically anything.