Calling All Eve Historians: Erotica 1 and JesterTrek

Hi everyone,

New here, but been doing some research on famous eve players. And I’m finding a ton of material on this whole E1/Jester or Riptard or whatever fiasco. Very interesting…

I seem to have stumbled upon something I don’t see mentioned in the vast majority of Eve writings on the subject. Not until a rather lengthy article on the imperium by James315?

This appears to be months (a year?) before the E1 controversy, in which this famous? blogger seems to be doing exactly what he later criticized.

From the blog link:

" Anyway, what happened next is (link in original article above)… literally. There’s a recording of this guy’s corp comms in the aftermath of the loss. Unfortunately, it’s the most pathetic display of whining that I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of it over the years. This poor guy almost literally emotionally comes apart. If you are a fan of tears, this is your Mecca. Again, I hate to highlight it: it’s kind of sad. But this is definitely the kill of the week.

The other truly sad part of this is that the guy apparently decided to leave his corp after the incident. Who knows if he’ll keep playing. And EVE players being EVE players, he’s becoming a [figure of fun](link to crying player profile in blog post ) on a number of levels…

Sorry for your loss, Shade, but awoxing is part of EVE. For the rest of you, feel free to learn from this example."

He did, he joined a bunch of dudes who didnt know who he was to blueshield himself.

Hi Erotica 1, obviously you are still upset, have a nice day.

i wish. that would give me a leg up on learning this game

Go to Jita, observe people doing ISK doubling, then do the same yourself and bingo you are Erotica 1. Well played and you have added to the game. Tell me how you get on.

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I ain’t touching Erotica-gate with a ten foot pole, I will however, leave this here.


Ah, the famous bonus room.


infamous, not famous.


I think that would depend on whether you’re talking to the predator or the prey.


which is which? the greedy player trying to outwit the isk doubler and take a bunch of isk, or the isk doubler?


I’d have to think on that one. It’s shocking, really. I can’t believe anybody would ever try to scam a legitimate ISK doubler. Maybe they’re jealous, maybe they’re just bad people. Or maybe they’re just salty that they didn’t follow the rules.


LOL. this game looks like it’s gonna be fun.


Usually its someone greedy thinking he really gets this.


I love that movie, some classic one liners and some Monkey Island vibes in the sword fights; the devs for Monkey Island were probably influenced by it as the movie predates the first Monkey Island game.



Next up: mintchip :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and of course we musn’t neglect gigX and certainly not the possible champion mittani wizard hat fanfest extravaganza!

Good ol’ Occassional Fecal Hurricanes…nowadays we’d probably be lucky to have a light poo drizzling… *sigh


Ripard Teg is an asshole.


I’ll have you know that I was actually a bonus room winner, and had a great time. My rousing rendition of “Fortunate Son” sealed the deal. Got ganked on my way back to Dodixie with the PLEX, though!


I had to use Wayback Machine to find current links since some of the links were stale

Edit: Replaced killmail links with zKill, added pod killmail link not present in article but mentioned in audio recording


All you needed was full faith, it was so easy. I don’t know why so many people had a problem with it.