[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

Tonight is Friday night drunk fleet where we raise a glass and kill some gals.

United Caldari Navy is top killer corp in the entire Caldari navy, again! Join today.

25 man fleet today taking over Heydeles and getting toward 80% contested. The gallente will be forming, join the fun.

Got in on a capital kill today, join the fun!

Over 400 members in alliance! And largest corporation in calmil!

Growing in strength in every time zone. Fleets all day. Join today.

Great success in the Athounon gate activity. Caldari are 10% complete and Gallente are less than 1% complete. UCN led the defense of miners and blockade of the Gallente gate construction blocking construction for 12 straight hours.

Join the fun. Not just for pvp but also for mining.

While Caldari are 20% complete, the gals are only 2% complete. We are fighting gallente in plexes and getting lots of fights, join today.

Largest FW corporation and we not intend to stop! :slight_smile:
Also check out our alliance if you wanna experience team orineted FW gameplay.

We are winning 10:1 in building the Athounon gate. We are supporting the miners and killing a lot of pirates attacking the miners. Join today.

Yesterday we almost flipped a system from Gallente to Caldari but a big fight ensued giving us many kills but they ultimately out numbered us. We always need more new players!

The weekend is coming. Peak eve time. Join up and get in fleet and have some fun!

Join for daily multiple fleets!

Big battle of Nagamanen today lasting 8hrs total in our fleet 35 players, we killed 6 billion, we lost 600 million:

Join the fun.

No need to go to Jita, we have newbro ships for free and PVP ships on contract.

In the battle of Indegruille UCN and UCSC won a decisive victory with the taking of that system from Gallente control to Caldari control.

Later in the day we battled over Nagamanen and lost less than a billion in ships and helped kill 11.7 billion isk in ships.

Great fights almost every night, if you like pvp this is the corp for you.

Today we flipped Nagamanen and Oto to Caldari Control from Gallente. We are on a tear. Join the fun.

The Gallente are being boxed in and reacted today to our attack on Heydeles. In newbro ships, merlins and bantams we killed 2.26 billion isk worth of ships and lost 780 million. We held the field.

Join up and learn pvp today.

EU and US active corp, with a handful of lovely but dangerous people from AUTZ.

The battle of Heydeles continues. We have it up to 85% taken and a great battle ensued with us killing 3.77 billion isk of damage to the Gallente while suffering 2.68 billion isk in losses. Tomorrow may be the day we take Heydeles!

Join the fun.